Economy option for a large family: how to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges. The secrets of delicious cheap juice

Aromatic orange juice is loved by children and adults appreciate it. It perfectly quenches thirst and fits perfectly into the concept of an “adult” feast. But store prices have been seriously biting lately. And the surrogates from tetrapacks bring no benefit.

So the mistresses came up with another miracle recipe for homemade orange juice. Moreover, they fulfilled a super task: the recipe involves the preparation of 9 (!) Liters of juice from just four oranges. It turned out unusual, but very tasty.

Of course, such a drink cannot be called juice even with a stretch. On the other hand, the point is not the name, but the result. And it turned out excellent: simple, tasty, budget. And the output is actually a lot.

How to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges: the subtleties of technology

There are a lot of skeptical people. But for that they, skeptics, are needed to make the inquiring human mind work better. For example, figure out how to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges.

The main secret to success is simple: oranges must be frozen well before cooking. Chemists most likely know why frozen citrus fruits give the drink a rich color. The finished orange "juice" in the glass is bright, and I absolutely do not want to improve it with food dyes. If you use ordinary fresh oranges, the color of the drink will turn faded, ugly.

Important nuance: peeling oranges is not necessary. It goes into the juice along with the pulp, which gives the drink a more saturated taste and density.

The composition of the juice includes citric acid. This is a completely safe nutritional supplement that acts as a preservative. Thanks to the "lemon", the drink can be stored for a rather long time, and also gets a pleasant sourness. In addition, it is citric acid that makes the taste and aroma of orange more pronounced. In general, an indispensable thing for a particular drink.

Citric acid perfectly replaces natural lemon. Citrus fruit will give the juice an extra touch of flavor and aroma.

The classic recipe of 4 oranges and citric acid

The simplest and most popular version of a homemade orange drink is made from water, oranges and citric acid. You will need a large saucepan (at least 10-liter) and several plastic bottles or three-liter juice cans. Let's see how to make 9 liters of juice from 4 lemons.

Important nuance: in a classic recipe for nine liters of finished juice, it is proposed to take a kilogram of white sugar. For those who don't like sugary drinks, that's a lot. Therefore, the amount of sugar you need to choose to your taste. If half a kilogram seems small, you can always add.


• four large juicy oranges;

• two teaspoons of citric acid;

• nine liters of pure water;

• sugar to taste (500-700 grams).

Cooking method:

  • Scald oranges with boiling water to wash off a layer of wax. Then wipe with a hard clean cloth or rub with a brush. Wipe thoroughly.

  • Place oranges in the freezer for at least two hours. It is even better if citrus fruits spend the night in the freezer and freeze thoroughly.

  • Cut frozen fruit into small slices with peel.

  • Pass the pieces through the middle grill of a manual or electric meat grinder or grind in a blender. The first option is more convenient, since a thick mass with larger particles is obtained. It is easier to strain through a sieve and squeeze.

  • If there is no meat grinder, no blender, oranges can just be grated on a coarse grater.

  • Transfer the resulting mass into a large pan.

  • Pour orange mincemeat with one third of the total volume of water (three liters). Water must be cold! It can be cold boiling water or ordinary drinking water.

  • Juice after the first pouring should be a little infused. Enough 15-20 minutes.

  • Strain the fragrant orange infusion through a colander, separating large particles of mass.

  • Filter the infusion through a gauze filter (several times folded gauze) or a frequent sieve.

  • Return the juice to the pan (you can use a bucket).

  • Add sugar, varying its amount to your taste.

  • Dissolve citric acid in a small amount of water (you need to take it from the remaining 6 liters) and pour into orange juice.

  • Stir the drink thoroughly, waiting for the complete dissolution of sugar.

  • It remains to pour six liters of water into the pan. This is the answer to the question of how to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges.

  • Pour the finished juice into prepared glass or plastic containers.

  • You can drink right away, but undesirable. Juice should be a little infused: this will help the drink find a harmonious taste.

Fragrant juice of 4 oranges and lemon

There is another option for making a drink. How to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges? Supporters of all-natural can take a small lemon or a half of a large lemon instead of a chemical lemon. By the way, lemon in this case can easily be replaced with lime. But the pomelo, grapefruits and other citrus fruits will not work: they do not need a degree of acid and make the taste of juice bitter.


• four large oranges;

• nine liters of water;

• half a large lemon (or one small);

• 700-800 grams of white sugar.

Cooking method:

  • Wash oranges and lemon thoroughly, rinse with boiling water, then wipe thoroughly.

  • Put the fruits in a plastic bag and refrigerate them for freezing.

  • After at least two hours, remove and chop the fruit. You can make a preparation for the night, and start making juice from frozen oranges and lemon in the morning.

  • Prepare the base for the juice by chopping the fruit along with the peel. A detailed description of the options is given in the first recipe.

  • How to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges? Pour orange-lemon mass with a third of water, let it brew.

  • After half an hour, remove the mass with a slotted spoon or drain into a colander.

  • Filter the infusion to get rid of residual particles of pulp and make the drink more transparent.

  • It remains to add the norm of sugar to the filtered juice, stir, add another six liters of water.

  • Pour the prepared juice into containers, let stand in the refrigerator.

  • Drink a flavored drink chilled.

Mint juice from 4 oranges and 2 tangerines

With the preparation of an orange drink, you can experiment as you like. For example, add some tangerines and peppermint to the recipe. Tangerines will not give acid to the drink, but they combine perfectly with the taste and aroma of oranges. To give the juice a refreshing summer touch, you can add a sprig of fresh garden mint or lemon balm to it. How to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges and tangerines?


• four juicy large oranges;

• two tangerines;

• a sprig of fresh mint;

• a tablespoon of citric acid;

• six hundred grams of granulated sugar;

• nine liters of purified drinking water.

Cooking method:

  • Freeze oranges and tangerines after thorough processing.

  • Cut the fruit into small slices and chop in a meat grinder.

  • Three liters of clean water fill the pan with fruit mass.

  • Grind a sprig of mint to stand out the juice, and put in a saucepan.

  • After half an hour, strain and filter the drink.

  • Add citric acid solution and sugar.

  • While stirring, dissolve the granulated sugar.

  • Pour into prepared containers.

  • Allow the drink to stand for 1-2 hours, then drink with pleasure.

How to make 9 liters of juice from 2 oranges and 2 lemons

It is not necessary to adhere to the classic recipe to get a simple and beautiful drink. For example, you can take an equal amount of lemons and oranges. Such a drink will be more acidic, with a bright, pronounced lemon tint. It is good to cook such a variant of juice after a festive feast.


• two large oranges;

• two medium lemons;

• kilogram of sugar (can be reduced);

• water.

Cooking method:

  • Prepare oranges and lemons as described above.

  • Grind frozen fruit slices in a meat grinder or grate.

  • Pour the mass for the first time, let it brew for 20-30 minutes.

  • Gently strain, filter the juice.

  • Combine the first infusion with water and sugar.

  • Pour the finished orange drink into clean three-liter bottles or bottles, put in the refrigerator for an hour or two.

But what to do with the orange-lemon cake? Thrifty housewives are advised not to throw it away. The mass can be mixed to taste with sugar and citric acid, and then jelly dessert is cooked in a microwave in three steps. In addition, peel and pulp can be added to homemade cakes.

There is nothing complicated in how to make 9 liters of juice from 4 oranges. It’s worth a try, especially if there is a hot summer or a big feast ahead.

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