Bachelors, students and bummers - sausage with eggs in a pan. How to french sausage with eggs in a pan in French and Armenian

According to a popular proverb, nothing can be simpler than steamed turnips, not even scrambled eggs.

And we will not argue, because from sausage with eggs, yes in a pan, and with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese, you can cook such an all-rounder!

Sausage with eggs in a pan - general principles of cooking

• For such dishes take cooked or smoked sausages. They are cut into cubes, straws or rings, and then fried on their own or with other products: mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, onions or potatoes.

• Raw eggs are broken into fried sausage or a mixture is prepared from them, which is filled with a “pillow” of fried sausage. Often, hot sandwiches are prepared from sausage with eggs in a pan.

• The color of the shell of eggs, unfortunately, has little effect on their taste. Where the feed and the conditions of laying hens are more affected. If you have a reliable provider of testicles, it is preferable to take products from him. Homemade eggs, as a rule, are much tastier.

• Do not save on the quality of sausages, especially cooked ones. In almost any recipe presented, you can replace the "boiled" with smoked, the taste will noticeably change, and you will get a slightly different dish.

• Classic scrambled eggs are cooked on sausages of the type “Krakowska” or “Amateur, with bacon”. If the calorie content of the dish is not critical, you can choose these varieties.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "Fried eggs, in Armenian"


• four eggs;

• bitter onion;

• red meat pepper - 1 pc.;

• two ripe tomatoes;

• a spoonful of homemade butter;

• 100 gr. cooked, low-fat sausages.

Cooking method:

1. Cut the boiled rings 0.5 cm thick. Then cut each such ring crosswise into four equal parts and lightly fry them in a frying pan in well-warmed butter.

2. Put the fried sausage on a plate, and add a spoonful of refined oil to the pan and dip the onion chopped into rings into it.

3. With moderate heating, constantly stirring, fry the onion rings until a light golden color.

4. Add the diced tomatoes. Salt, pepper slightly and continue to fry, occasionally stirring the contents of the pan.

5. After five minutes, lay the slices of fried sausage on the vegetables evenly and break the eggs into them. As soon as the protein grabs and whitens well, remove from heat. The yolk should retain a fluid consistency. If you do not like liquid yolks - prepare a dish under the lid.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "Original hot cheese sandwiches"


• six slices of white bread for toast;

• 100 grams of smoked sausage;

• 70 gr. hard cheese;

• two tablespoons of refined oil;

• three chicken eggs.

Cooking method:

1. With a small cup or curly recess in all slices of bread, make holes that should coincide when connecting the slices.

2. Cheese cut into thin cubes so that you get twelve identical slices. Moreover, the length of each whetstone should be slightly shorter than the side of the bread slice.

3. From the sausage, peel the shell and cut into half-centimeter cubes, or even thinner, in strips.

4. Pour oil into a pan and heat it at a moderate temperature.

5. Put three slices of bread in the butter and immediately spread on each cheese block, one on each side. Cover with the remaining slices of bread.

6. Put crushed sausage into the holes and pour one egg into each filled cell, add salt.

7. As soon as the bottom of the sandwiches is lightly browned, turn them over to the back and brown them. Proceed carefully so that the yolk does not break during inversion and the pieces do not fall apart. For convenience, take a wide spatula.

8. Put the finished sandwiches on a plate and serve hot to the table.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "Brizol with cheese and sausage"


• two eggs;

• a tablespoon of mayonnaise;

• cheese, any hard variety - 30 gr.;

• one sausage or a couple of rings of "Doctor" boiled;

• a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Cooking method:

1. Cut the sausage into thin rings and chop the cheese into large chips.

2. Break the eggs into a small, deep bowl. Add mayonnaise, season with pepper and lightly add salt to your taste.

3. In any way convenient for you: with a whisk, a fork or a mixer, beat eggs with mayonnaise until a homogeneous consistency.

4. Pour the egg mass into a well-heated vegetable oil over low heat. As soon as it disperses throughout the pan, evenly spread pieces of sausage into one half of it and immediately sprinkle them with chopped cheese.

5. When the bottom and top of the free part are well seized, carefully wrap it on the filling and turn it over.

6. Fry the brizol on each side for one and a half minutes, then put it out of the pan on a plate and serve.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "Tomato talker with mushrooms"


• three small champignons;

• half the average tomato;

• garlic;

• three eggs;

• parsley;

• 30 gr. Russian cheese;

• three tablespoons of tender tomato ketchup.

Cooking method:

1. Rinse off the dirt from the mushrooms, remove the white skin from the hats and cut the mushrooms into small pieces. Small young mushrooms can be chopped with plates.

2. With small straws or cubes, grind the sausage and tomatoes, finely chop the parsley with a knife.

3. Put the mushrooms in a pan and sauté over low heat in vegetable oil until light brown.

4. Add the sausage, mix and fry everything together for another 3 minutes.

5. Pour ketchup and stew it for 5 minutes.

6. Mix the eggs with the cheese chopped on a grater and pour into a pan.

7. Add salt, sprinkle with parsley, chopped garlic, close the lid and bring to readiness.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "Chatterbox with feta cheese"


• eggs - 6 pcs.;

• 100 gr. Cognac sausage;

• half a head of bitter onion;

• 50 gr. salted feta cheese;

• one and a half spoons of lean refined oil;

• a small pinch of ground paprika.

Cooking method:

1. Cut the feta cheese into medium cubes, and the smoked sausage into circles. Chop the onion finely.

2. In vegetable oil, spasser a couple of minutes onion, immediately add the sausage and fry its slices, periodically turning over.

3. Once the sausage is lightly browned, add the feta cheese, season with paprika and mix well.

4. Immediately pour the eggs, spattered with salt, and leave to cook over low heat under a lid until it thickens.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "A hearty peasant dinner"


• 100 gr. smoked loin;

• seven raw eggs;

• 100 ml of cow, 3.2% fat, milk;

• a small onion;

• 800 gr. potatoes;

• 50 gr. homemade oil;

• Doctoral sausage - 120 gr.;

• onion feathers.

Cooking method:

1. Boil the washed potatoes until cooked, without peeling them, transfer to cold water and leave for 5 minutes, peel.

2. Cut the loin and sausage into cubes, less than a centimeter.

3. In vegetable oil, in a small frying pan, warm the onion until soft.

4. Add the sausage with the loin to the onion and continue to fry until light brown on slices of sausage.

5. Cut the peeled boiled potatoes into slices and fry in butter in a separate pan.

6. Transfer the fried loin and sausage to the potato. Stir, evenly distribute the food throughout the pan.

7. Mix the eggs with milk, add salt and beat lightly.

8. Pour the potato and sausage with the egg mixture and leave it under the lid on the minimum heat. As soon as the egg mixture thickens, the dish is ready.

9. When serving, sprinkle the chopped green onions on the plate.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - "Frozen Fried Eggs"


• 50 gr. smoked and as much cooked sausage;

• four eggs;

• a small piece of "Peasant" oil.

Cooking method:

1. Place eggs in the freezer for three days. Then take out and keep warm for one hour.

2. Cut both types of sausage into short, not very thin straws, and fry them lightly in butter.

3. Then divide the sausage directly into the pan in four equal parts. Form into small circles, gently press and move a small distance from each other.

4. Peel the eggs and gently separate the yolks and squirrels. Set aside the frozen yolks, they will not spread. After freezing, they will look like a small ball.

5. Pour the squirrels onto the sausage and fry.

6. Then take the yolks and arrange them over the sausages fried on the sausage.

7. Serve with bread and fresh vegetables.

Sausage with eggs in a pan - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Eggs purchased on the market should be washed before cooking. Relevant services detect infections quickly, but accidentally caught dirt, or a sick laying hen can cause a lot of health problems. To significantly reduce the risk, just rinse the shell with a soap or soap-soda solution, or wipe with a cloth soaked in vodka.

• For the preparation of fried eggs, it is better to break eggs in advance and pour them into disposable cups. A dozen of these containers, compiled one into one, will not take up too much space, and rinsing them will not be difficult. But you can not rush, breaking eggs directly into the pan, and this will help keep the yolk intact.

• If the pan is non-stick, it is best to fry the eggs in butter. Natural cream will never let the protein stick.

• To make the fried eggs easily split, add a little more fat to the pan. When pouring another egg, slightly tilt the pan, letting the fat step on the edge of the protein, it will separate one egg from the other.

• If you don’t like fried protein, and fried eggs are one of your favorite dishes, learn a simple trick.

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