How to choose a beautiful and comfortable hairstyle for ballroom dancing. Learning to do hairstyles for ballroom dancing yourself

If for a solemn occasion, only aesthetic requirements are made for styling, then with ballroom dancing hairstyles everything is more complicated.

In training, you can confine yourself to simple braids or tails, but for performances, the hair structure should be not only practical and not causing any inconvenience to either its owner or partner, but also beautiful and appropriate along with it, because on the dance floor all eyes are fixed on the dancers.

Ballroom Dance Hairstyles: IDSF Requirements

In addition to the aesthetic side and the commonplace convenience, the professional dancer should take into account the requirements of the organizers of competitions and demonstrations, the International Dance Federation, when choosing a hairstyle.

So, in all age categories up to 16 years, girls are not allowed complex multilevel hairstyles, the use of false strands, hairpieces and all kinds of hair ornaments, and styling can not be fixed with colored or sparkling varnishes. For girls over 16, the restrictions are not so severe, but unnecessarily complex hairstyles are not recommended for them. Boys and boys of all ages are recommended a short haircut, long hair is allowed, but they must be collected in a small tail.

Of course, if a couple is engaged in dancing exclusively for themselves, participating only in dance parties and other recreational activities, then you can forget about all such restrictions.

What is her perfect dancer hairstyle?

The style of hair styling in the dance may vary depending on the dance performed. So, for the European program (waltzes, tango, foxtrot), hairstyles are chosen more classic and simple. For Latina (samba, rumba, jive, cha-cha-cha, paso doble), more often more vibrant and catchy styling, and for girls - also abundantly decorating them with decorative elements (if this is not forbidden by their age category by the rules of the event).

General styling requirements:

• compatibility with the appearance and face shape of the dancer;

• compliance with the styling style of the partner;

• harmonious combination with a suit;

• relevance for a given age, event, and specific dance;

• convenience;

• reliability of fixation;

• originality and attractive appearance.

Please note that correctly selected hairstyles for ballroom dancing are, among other things, an easy way to visually level the difference in the growth of partners. So, if a young man is paired the same height as the girl or even a little taller than her, his hair is slightly lifted and combed when styling, and a short hairstyle is made for her partner. If the lady is very short, her hair is taller, and the guy’s hair is smoothly licking.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing for men

Using a partner's styling products is generally optional, but if his hair is longer than a couple of centimeters, then fixing with varnish or mousse will help them look neat even after a few quick and moving dances.

Simple styling ideas:

• combing hair back;

• separation of hair along the parting line (exactly in the center, or shifted sideways);

• combing bangs, and in the absence of hair in front.

If a guy’s hair is cut unevenly in length, for example, shorter on the sides and longer in the crown area, it will look spectacular if you comb this longer hair up and fix it like that.

Women's hairstyles for ballroom dancing with a photo

The most common options in female images are braids, mules, bundles, and all kinds of combinations and variations.

Hairstyles for short hair

No matter how short the hair looks like on a girl, girl or woman, but for ballroom dancing this length is not very good, putting such hair on the head so that not a single lock is knocked out is quite difficult.

If you don’t tie such hair in one tail, you can do more of it, to fix the curls on the sides you will have to use invisible or similar hairpins, you can not do without varnish, gel or mousse. Actually, with such a length, it will not be possible to make a particularly interesting hairstyle, therefore it is better to focus on its convenience.

Hairstyles for dancing on long and medium hair

The optimal length of hair for creating comfortable and unusual hairstyles for ballroom dancing (both for training and for performance) is below the shoulders. At the same time, the structure of the hair should be taken into account. So, liquid and thin hair may be worth it to let go more truly, but thicker hair should be cut more often, because it will be very difficult to wear too massive a hairstyle on the head.


Such a hairstyle is perhaps the simplest and most universal option. For her, her hair is combed, collected in a high ponytail and secured with an elastic band. Next, the free part of the hair is divided into two approximately identical strands, twisted with plaits and wrapped around the base of the hairstyle. If the hair is not very thick, then you can limit yourself to one tourniquet. The finished bun is plentifully fixed with hairpins, being careful not to scratch the scalp. Instead of a tail, you can use an ordinary braid of three strands.

Bagel bagel

A bagel is not only baking, but also a hairdressing device made of foam rubber. To create a hairstyle for ballroom dancing with its use is extremely easy. The hair is collected in a tail and secured with an elastic band, and then this ring is put over the tail. Next, the hair is tucked in a row under it, fixed with invisible or hairpins.


Such a hairstyle is made no more difficult than the previous ones, but looks very impressive. To create it, the hair is combed sideways (no matter which one), and then they begin to twist into a bundle in the opposite direction. The ends of the hair can be hidden inside or beautifully laid on top of the hairstyle.


All kinds of weaving from the hair is also an excellent solution when choosing hairstyles for ballroom dancing. The main thing is not to forget about the convenience of laying for the sake of its aesthetics.

How to decorate hairstyles for ballroom dancing

The easiest way to decorate the hairstyle (and the only one possible for very young dancers) is not to weave several small strands into the main structure from the hair, but to lay them later with neat curls or waves. Interesting styling is obtained if you so position the ends of the hair, and not hide them inside the hairstyle.

But in this case there should not be any clumping hairs in all directions and split ends. To do this, hair should be trimmed regularly or at least before dancing events.

It is also worthwhile to understand that it is permissible to fix individual curls on the head with hairpins or fixing means. But they should not get out of the hairstyle and hang on the face, because they will necessarily interfere, but in the process of dancing they will be disheveled and a neat appearance will also fail.

Other ideas

• An ordinary mesh, which is easy to buy at any beauty products store, will help to give accuracy to a bun or a bundle of hair and to decorate your hair a little.

• Rhinestones. If these are very small spangles, then they can even stay on hairspray, larger parts are best fixed to a properly selected glue, which should be easily washed off or combed out. The important point is that rhinestones do not lose their luster, spraying them with styling is impossible.

• Artificial flowers in harmony with the outfit.

• Studs with decorative elements at the ends.

• Woven in a hairstyle or knotted ribbons.

• Low of beads or beads.

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