Shawarma with sausage - a hearty snack for a quick bite. How to cook shawarma with sausage: boiled and smoked

Shawarma, or as it is also called, shawarma is a tasty, satisfying and easy to prepare appetizer, originally from the east.

So that you do not buy it in dubious institutions, we will teach you how to cook this dish at home.

Shawarma with sausage - the basic principles of preparation

Shawarma is prepared in thin Armenian pita bread. It can be purchased at the store or prepared independently. The main requirement is that the pita bread is fresh. A dried sheet will crack, which means it will be problematic to roll it.

Shawarma is usually prepared with meat, but it can be replaced with cooked or smoked sausage. It will turn out no less tasty.

In addition to pita bread and sausages, two types of sauce (tomato and white), fresh or pickled vegetables, cheese, etc. are used for making shawarma.

As a sauce, you can use ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato sauce or sour cream. If there is a desire and time, prepare more complex sauces based on these products.

Vegetables and sausage are chopped with thin strips. Lavash sheet, where the filling will be located, is greased with white sauce, spread sausage and vegetables. Top watered with tomato sauce and wrapped in an envelope, roll or in the form of a bag. Then the shawarma is fried in a dry frying pan until lightly browned so that the filling is well warmed up.

Recipe 1. Shawarma with sausage and watercress


  • sheet of thin pita bread;

  • two processed cheeses;

  • 100 g watercress;

  • 100 g of cooked sausage;

  • a tomato;

  • 100 g of ketchup;

  • cucumber;

  • 100 g mayonnaise;

  • bell pepper pod.

Cooking method

1. We unfold on the table a sheet of pita bread. We combine ketchup with mayonnaise and mix well. Lubricate the entire mixture with the resulting mixture.

2. Rinse the lettuce leaves, dry and spread in the center.

3. Wash the tomato, wipe and cut into small pieces. Put on lettuce leaves.

4. Three washed cucumbers on a medium grater. We spread cucumber shavings on a tomato.

5. Remove the stalk from the bell pepper and clean the seeds. Cut the vegetable into strips, making it as thin as possible. We lay on top of the cucumber.

6. Three sausages in large chips and put on top of vegetables.

7. The last layer spread grated cream cheese. We wrap the filling in lavash with an envelope. We put the shawarma on a preheated frying pan with oil with the seam down and fry until golden brown. Then turn over and cook on the other side. We shift to a plate covered with napkins to get rid of excess fat.

Recipe 2. Shawarma with sausage and Korean carrots


  • two sheets of thin pita bread;

  • mayonnaise;

  • two cucumbers;

  • ketchup;

  • 150 g of cheese;

  • 200 g of Korean carrots;

  • six sheets of Beijing cabbage;

  • two tomatoes;

  • fresh greens - a bunch;

  • 400 g of sausage.


1. Free the sausage from the film and cut into small pieces. Fry, stirring constantly, in preheated oil for ten minutes. You can season with spices.

2. Rinse the tomatoes under the tap, dry and cut into thin circles.

3. Wash the cucumbers, towel and crumble a thin straw.

4. Chop Chinese cabbage as thin as possible. Squeeze slightly.

5. Finely chop the greens. Coarsely grate the cheese.

6. Lay out a sheet of pita bread on the table. Put the cooled sausage in the middle. Lay tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and greens on top of it.

7. Put the Korean carrots and cheese chips into the vegetables. Pour mayonnaise and ketchup.

8. Bend the edges of the pita bread to the center and roll it up. Preheat a thick-bottomed pan over medium heat. Put the shawarma seam down and fry on both sides until golden brown.

Recipe 3. Shawarma with sausage and crab sticks


  • 80 ml of tomato ketchup;

  • sheet of thin pita bread;

  • salt;

  • small fresh cucumber;

  • four crab sticks;

  • 50 ml of mayonnaise;

  • 100 g of cooked sausage;

  • 90 g of processed cheese.

Cooking method

1. Wash a fresh cucumber, wipe with a napkin and crumble straws, trying to do it as thin as possible.

2. Remove the film from the cooked sausage and cut in the same way as a cucumber.

3. Place the processed cheese for a while in the freezer and chop into large chips. Remove the film from the crab sticks and cut them into thin rings.

4. Unroll the lavash sheet and lay it on the surface of the table. Lubricate one edge with mayonnaise, stepping back along the edges.

5. Put sliced ​​sausages on mayonnaise. Place a layer of chopped fresh cucumber on top. Lightly salt. Spread the rings of crab sticks and sprinkle with grated cream cheese. Pour ketchup.

6. Roll the pita bread with the filling in the form of an envelope. Lubricate the surface of the pan with oil and warm it well. Put the shawarma seam down and fry on both sides until golden brown.

Recipe 4. Shawarma with sausage and white cabbage


  • 50 g butter;

  • 200 g sour cream;

  • a sheet of thin Armenian pita bread;

  • 200 g smoked sausage;

  • 100 g of cheese;

  • two tomatoes;

  • 150 g of white cabbage;

  • two pickled cucumbers.

Cooking method

1. Unwrap the lavash sheet and cut it into three parts.

2. Lubricate each sour cream liberally and leave for five minutes to make the pita bread soft.

3. Chop the cabbage into thin strips. Spread the cabbage on the edge of the leaves, backing off a few centimeters.

4. Chop pickled cucumbers in small pieces and lay on top of the cabbage.

5. Remove the film from the sausage and grind it in the same way as cucumbers. Lay on pita bread.

6. Wash the tomatoes, wipe and chop finely. Put on the sausage. Sprinkle abundantly with large cheese chips on top.

7. Carefully wrap the filling by turning the edges inward, in the form of a roll. Preheat the pan and dissolve the butter in it. Put the shawarma, press down on the lid and fry for five minutes. Then turn over and cook the same amount of time under the lid.

Recipe 5. Shawarma with sausage and potatoes


  • two branches of fresh dill;

  • 20 g of Beijing cabbage;

  • a small tomato;

  • 150 g of cooked sausage;

  • two thin pita bread;

  • small fresh cucumber;

  • 200 g of potatoes;

  • 20 ml of garlic sauce.

Cooking method

1. Peel, wash, dry and chop the potatoes with a thin straw. Fry until cooked in deep fat and lay on a plate covered with a napkin to get rid of excess fat.

2. Wash the cucumber and crumble into thin strips.

3. Crumble the sausage in the same way as cucumbers.

4. Rinse the tomato, wipe, cut in half and remove the seeds. Grind the pulp into strips.

5. Thin chop Chinese cabbage.

6. Unroll the pita bread on the table. Spread the fried potatoes and sausage on one edge.

7. Top with tomatoes, cucumbers and Chinese cabbage. Put a sprig of dill on the vegetables.

8. Pour the sausage with vegetables into garlic sauce. Wrap the edges on the sides to the center and wrap the filling in the shape of a roll. Fry to a delicious crust on both sides.

Recipe 6. Shawarma with sausage and mushrooms in pita


  • mayonnaise;

  • 100 g of cooked sausage;

  • greenery;

  • 100 g of champignons;

  • three pitas;

  • Korean carrot;

  • cucumber;

  • bulb;

  • a tomato.

Cooking method

1. Peel the onion, chop it in half rings and put in a deep bowl. Pour boiling water over it and leave it for ten minutes to get rid of bitterness.

2. Peel, wash, dry, and cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Fry the mushrooms in hot oil until all the moisture has evaporated.

3. Rinse the tomato, wipe with a towel and chop finely.

4. Put the fried mushrooms on a plate and leave to cool. Put the pan on the fire again and put the sausage cut into cubes into it. Fry until golden brown and cool.

5. Finely chop the washed cucumber.

6. Cut each pita in half. Get small "pockets". Lay prepared foods in pita in layers. Pour all over with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Recipe 7. Shawarma with sausage and canned corn


  • mayonnaise;

  • two thin pita bread;

  • dried or fresh herbs;

  • 100 g smoked sausage;

  • a small onion head;

  • 50 g of cheese;

  • 5 three sheets of fresh salad;

  • 50 g canned corn;

  • fresh tomato.

Cooking method

1. Remove the film from the sausage and cut it into thin strips. We clean the onion and shred the half rings. Cut the tomato into slices.

2. Put the pan on the fire, pour oil into it and warm it well. We spread sausage and vegetables, add canned corn. Fry, stirring constantly, for about ten minutes. Season with spices.

3. Rinse the lettuce leaves and finely chop. Grind the cheese into large chips.

4. Expand the pita bread on the table. We put green salad and cheese chips. Pour all the mayonnaise. Spread the fried sausage with vegetables on top.

5. Connect the edges of the pita bread to the center and wrap the filling in the shape of a roll. Shawarma is ready. If you wish, you can fry it on both sides until golden brown.

Shawarma with sausage - tips and tricks

  • As a filling, you can use absolutely any vegetables. They are usually used raw, but if you want, you can lightly fry them.

  • Shawarma is better to fry in a grill pan.

  • Press down the shawarma while frying.

  • You can use not only cooked or smoked sausage, but also ham.

  • It turns out very tasty shawarma with garlic sauce, which is prepared on the basis of sour cream. Greens, spices, garlic and mustard are added to it. Beat everything thoroughly until smooth.

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