Classical solyanka with sausage - this is soup! Recipes of sharp, rich, aromatic classic hodgepodge with sausage

Solyanka is not salty at all!

This is an amazing soup with the aroma of sausage, lemon, seasoned with herbs and olives.

It's time to cook!

Classical solyanka with sausage - general principles of preparation

Classical hodgepodge is cooked in saturated meat broth. But it is not necessary to speed up and simplify the preparation, there are many different tricks. Sausage gives a special taste to the dish. It is advisable to use several types of smoked and cooked products. Soup is always prepared with the addition of tomato, pickles, onions must be present from vegetables.

Fresh lemon, olives, greens are used to fill in the hodgepodge. They can be added directly to the pan or directly to the plates. The sharpness of the dish gives pepper, it is put to taste.

Classical solyanka with sausage and beef

The recipe for a classic hodgepodge with sausage on meat broth. Used beef on the bone. You can boil it in advance, the meat also turns into soup.


• 500 g of meat;

• 3 sausages;

• 0.2 kg of smoked sausage;

• 2 onions;

• 2 tablespoons of pasta;

• 100 g of olives;

• 150 g of pickled cucumbers;

• 30 ml of oil;

• lemon, parsley, laurel, pepper.


1. We make a rich broth. To do this, put the washed piece in a saucepan, fill it with two liters of water, put on the stove. When boiling, be sure to remove the foam and then periodically remove if it appears.

2. After 1.5 hours, we throw a bay leaf into the pan and add one onion. Boil another 40 minutes. We filter or simply take out the laurel with onions from the broth.

3. Put the pan on the fire. Add the butter and chopped onion.

4. After two minutes, add the chopped cucumbers to the onion, sauté for about five minutes, add the tomato paste and a little broth from the pan. Stew the vegetables together.

5. Transfer vegetables with tomato to the pan.

6. Cut the sausage, sausages and also send to the hodgepodge.

7. From a piece of beef, take off all the meat, cut into cubes and also send in a hodgepodge.

8. Add salt, pepper, boil for five minutes.

9. Put the olives, you do not need to cut them.

10. After 2 minutes, add greens, pepper, turn off the stove.

11. Let the soup brew for half an hour; when serving, add lemon to the plates.

Classical solyanka with sausage without meat

The recipe for quick hodgepodge, for which you do not even need to cook meat broth. The ingredients indicate 3 types of sausages and meat products, but more can be added. The taste will be richer.


• 1.5 liters of broth;

• two cucumbers;

• four tablespoons of oil;

• 150 g of cooked sausage;

• 150 g of ham;

• 200 g smoked sausage;

• two tomatoes;

• large onion;

• 10 olives;

• greens, lemon, seasonings.


1. We take a large stewpan or a cauldron, pour four tablespoons of oil in it, turn on the fire.

2. Add one chopped onion, fry for a couple of minutes.

3. Put the chopped cucumber to the onion, passer together.

4. Once the brine has evaporated, add the diced tomato. Choose ripe, large tomatoes. If you do not like the presence of the skin, you can remove it.

5. Fry vegetables until soft.

6. During this time we cut all kinds of sausages.

7. We spread sausages to vegetables, add boiling water.

8. Salt, pepper, cover and cook for a quarter of an hour. We do not make big fire.

9. Put the olives five minutes before the end of cooking.

10. Season the hodgepodge with chopped parsley, throw the laurel, squeeze half a small lemon into the pan to make the taste of the dish more saturated. If the citrus is large, a quarter is enough.

11. The remaining lemon is cut into thin slices and put in a dish when serving.

Classical solyanka with sausage and smoked ham

Another simple version of hodgepodge, for which you do not need to prepare a saturated broth. In this case, the dish turns out to be rich, unusually fragrant and satisfying.


• 1 leg;

• 1 carrot;

• 200 g of any sausage;

• 1 liter of water;

• 3 tablespoons of olives;

• oil, spices;

• 2 tablespoons of pasta;

• 1 onion;

• 1 cucumber.


1. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour a little oil, toss the onion, after two minutes a carrot, pass the chopped vegetables to a rosy color.

2. Add grated or finely chopped pickles, fry until the brine evaporates.

3. During this time, cut the sausage. Remove the skin from the leg, it is not needed, cut the pulp into cubes.

4. Put the chopped sausage and ham, add the paste.

5. Pour boiling water. On average, a liter will take. You can add a little more or less, depending on the desired density of the hodgepodge.

6. Salt, pepper.

7. Close, boil the soup for 10 minutes, toss the olives.

8. Tomim a hodgepodge on a small fire, so that the taste of all the ingredients is revealed, merged together.

9. Season with herbs, lemon juice, serve a dish with sour cream.

Classical solyanka with sausage and mushrooms

For a classic hodgepodge according to this recipe, pickled mushrooms are used. We take absolutely any sausage, you can take several types, for example, cooked and smoked products.


• 0.2 kg of mushrooms;

• 300 g of beef;

• 0.35 kg of any sausage;

• 1 cucumber;

• 1 cup grated tomatoes;

• 0.1 kg of olives;

• 1 onion head;

• 30 g of oil;

• greens, lemon.


1. Prepare the broth from a piece of beef with two liters of water. We take out the finished meat, cool. Then we cut into pieces, return to the future hodgepodge.

2. Pass the onion in oil, add the pickled or salted mushrooms. We fry a couple of minutes.

3. Cut the cucumbers, add to the onion with mushrooms, fry for another five minutes.

4. Pour a glass of grated tomatoes. We add fire, evaporate water from the tomato so that the sauce becomes thick and dark.

5. We cut sausages into cubes, it is possible straws. Spread on another frying pan with oil, fry until golden brown.

6. We transfer sausage and vegetables with mushrooms to the broth with beef. Stir, salt.

7. Throw the olives, you can cut them into rings or halves, cover and boil for about ten minutes.

8. Fill a rich soup with herbs, sour cream, lemon juice.

Classical solyanka with sausage on a vegetable broth

A variant of hodgepodge for those who cannot make meat broth, but want to enjoy hearty soup.


• one potato;

• carrot;

• water two liters;

• 400 g of sausage;

• two tablespoons of pasta;

• oil, spices;

• 15 olives or olives;

• two or three cucumbers.


1. Pour water into the pan, send to the stove.

2. Peel the carrots and potatoes, rub very finely. Throw in a pot of water. Cook vegetables for about fifteen minutes. Vegetables should completely disperse in the broth, the broth will become saturated.

3. Put two pans on the stove. In both pour two tablespoons of oil.

4. Fry the onion in one pan, add the chopped sausage to it. Brown a little.

5. Put the chopped cucumbers in the second pan. Sauté until soft, add tomato paste.

6. Transfer the contents of all pans to the vegetable broth, salt, add olives. You can throw the whole.

7. Cook the hodgepodge for about ten minutes. The countdown goes after boiling.

8. Season with herbs, lemon, laurel.

Classical hot hodgepodge with sausage

This hodgepodge has a sharp, brackish taste with a slight acidity. Prepare such a soup? The prescription uses real Georgian adjika. Can be replaced with chopped red pepper pod.


• 2 l of broth;

• 2 onion heads;

• 60 g of pasta;

• 1 tsp adjika;

• 200 g of cucumbers;

• 400 g assorted sausages;

• olives, greens, lemon;

• 1 carrot.


1. We use any broth for soup. If there is no way to make it from meat, you can prepare a saturated vegetable broth from the recipe a little higher.

2. Pass the butter into two chopped onions, add the carrots to them, fry the vegetables and add the pasta with adjika. Pour a little broth and simmer for about five minutes, so that the sharpness evenly disperses in the dish.

3. In another skillet, fry grated cucumbers, add chopped sausages at the end. We use several types to make the soup tastier.

4. It remains to shift the products from two pans into the broth, season the mind with salt.

5. Immediately add the olives, close and cook for a quarter of an hour.

6. Vitaminize the dish with herbs, add lemon juice to taste, and when serving, throw fresh slices of citrus.

Classical solyanka with sausage and potatoes

If you add a little potato to a classic hodgepodge, the dish will become more familiar and will be more like an everyday soup. For some reason, many prefer to cook this particular option.


• 2 l of meat broth;

• two pieces of potato;

• 300 g of sausage;

• two cucumbers;

• onion;

• half a lemon;

• greens, oil;

• three tablespoons of tomato;

• olives.


1. Cut the potatoes into cubes, put in a boiling broth, cook for ten minutes.

2. Fry the onion, put the grated cucumber, passer.

3. Add tomato paste to the pan, you can pour a little broth and continue to stew the onion with cucumber.

4. Cut the sausage, send it to the potato pan.

5. After five minutes, spread the products from the pan. Now you can salt a little hodgepodge.

6. We throw olives.

7. Close and cook another ten minutes.

8. To taste, lay the greens, season the dish with lemon juice.

Classical solyanka with sausage - useful tips and tricks

• You can add olives and olives to the hodgepodge. They are thrown whole in a pan, cut into rings, halves or thrown into a plate with lemon.

• After adding sautéed vegetables to the pan, the hodgepodge is cooked on very low heat. You can not give the soup to actively simmer, so as not to turn into porridge.

• If you run out of tomato paste, you can use canned tomatoes, taking them in larger quantities. Such tomatoes will give the dish an unusual aroma, add piquancy.

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