Banana diet - a detailed description and useful tips. Reviews on the banana diet and sample recipes.

Banana Diet - Description and General Principles

British Olympic Nutritionist Jane Griffin has developed a banana diet for weight loss athletes. In Japan, its own version of the banana diet was developed, which broke all the records of popularity - in the country for some time a shortage of bananas began to be felt. With the help of this exotic fruit that has already become dear to us, you can lose three kilograms in three days. It is paradoxical that bananas, along with grapes, are not welcomed in many diets, since they have a high calorie content.

Ripe and sweet bananas with a large amount of starchy substances are delivered to our country. If the goal is to lose weight with bananas, you need to try to find special bananas for this from the countries of Southeast Asia or Japan, that is, special varieties with a low starch content. In extreme cases, use immature varieties with a still green peel. They need to be wrapped in a newspaper for a while, so that they become soft, ripened, and the starch contained in them becomes able to be absorbed by the human body.

Undoubtedly, a banana diet is a type of fruit mono-diet, and all the general requirements apply to it. It can be fully considered a therapeutic diet.

Doctors recommend it for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach ulcers, obesity, hypertension. It is also indicated for renal diseases, diabetes mellitus, and bacterial dysentery. High-calorie banana has a high content of plant fiber, vitamins and minerals. For example, having eaten only one fruit, the body immediately receives a daily dose of vitamin C, half a dose of vitamin B6, and gets the opportunity to independently regulate cholesterol levels, since bananas have almost no fat. The pulp of this healthy fruit has the following feature: getting into the esophagus, it contributes to the enhanced functioning of the glands of the stomach and tissue cells. The increased secretion of mucus protects the stomach from the harmful effects of hydrochloric acid.

Banana Diet - What Foods To Eat

The Japanese creators of the diet believe that if you have bananas for breakfast, then you can lose weight no matter what is eaten during the day. But in order to lose weight by a few kilograms, a special three-day banana diet prescribes eating one banana all day.

Potassium contained in bananas is necessary for the clear work of the heart. It helps to cleanse the body, as it has a diuretic effect. Banana monodiet follows the principles of separate nutrition. The rules of fractional nutrition should also be followed here: you need to eat often, but in small portions, not overloading the body, but also not causing it to starve. In general, as soon as you feel hunger - we eat bananas until we are full, later you can add an egg. Kefir or milk is allowed, we also drink pure water or green tea without sugar and sweeteners.

Banana Diet - What foods should not be consumed

It is advisable to spend a fasting day before starting the diet - that is, to limit high-calorie and heavy foods: meat, lard, foods donated in oil and animal fats, marinades, pickles and canned goods, smoked meats, fish. Banana express diet will be effective only on condition that no other foods are allowed! Stress for the body can not be aggravated by alcohol and fatty and heavy foods.

Banana Diet - Menu Examples

There are many options for a banana diet, but all of them are designed for a period of not more than 7 days. Duration is determined by well-being, the classic version is three days.

Option 1. We stock up on products: bananas (3 pieces) and skim milk (or kefir). With a mixer you can cook a banana dish with dairy products. Increasing the number of days, eggs (2 pcs) are introduced into the diet. Do not forget that during fruit mono-diet you need to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. Meals end with hot green tea, of course, without sugar. With this diet, weight loss should be 1 kg per day.

Option 2. A simpler option is bananas and green tea, that is, dairy products are not used. If you carry a large number of bananas and they do not "get boring", in three days the largest amount of extra pounds will take. The most difficult option was developed by Jane Griffin, it includes several dozen food components for 5-6 receptions, but this is a very cumbersome combination, which is practically impossible in practice at home.

From delicious and satisfying bananas, you can cook some interesting dishes for fasting days or days following the express diet. Including them in your diet every day, you can be beautiful and healthy, and at the same time not a gram of excess weight!

1. Banana salad - a delicious vitamin bomb.
Ingredients: banana plus apple, pear or peach. Another option: banana plus lettuce and walnuts.

2. Banana Oatmeal
Add finely chopped banana and milk to the classic oatmeal on the water.
A cup of yogurt plus one banana instead of sandwiches for breakfast. With this breakfast you save time and get a charge for the whole day.

3. Banana ice cream
Mix yogurt with small pieces of banana and put in the freezer. Non-calorie ice cream can not be compared with the store.

4. Banana pancakes: 2 soft bananas, an egg, a glass of kefir, salt, sugar, slaked soda, a little flour for a thick dough. Grind the banana and add the remaining ingredients. Fry in a pan with vegetable oil. Serve with honey.

Banana Diet - Useful Tips and Reviews

This diet, like all mono-diets, offers uniform nutrition; by the end, some people may completely not take bananas and “pounce” on other foods, which can lead to indigestion and subsequently weight loss. During the diet, metabolic processes in the body return to normal, so the gradual transition and control of your menu will facilitate the process of adaptation. This way to lose weight is only good for the first few days, longer it makes no sense to torture your body. A sparing option - fasting days every two weeks. Still, this is a very complex view, quite “hungry”, but is it worth it to endure the inconvenience, everyone decides for himself.


Milena 03/22/2016
I think it's worth a try. When I fed the child, I ate a lot of bananas, but I didn’t notice getting rid of extra pounds, apparently, I "sat" incorrectly. Now I will adhere to a strict diet.

Elena 03/22/2016
It's like in one cartoon - we’ll become banana-guzzling)) Oh, I don’t seem to need to lose weight, but I learned interesting recipes with the addition of banana. I often cook goodies for the child and I have exhausted the entire supply of recipes. Thank!

Sonya Moscow 03/22/2016
Judging by how satisfied the “tungus” is on a banana, it’s obvious that a banana diet is a pleasure. And so, I can say, the Japanese know a lot about good diets.

Katya 03/22/2016
Lucky for those who have banana trees growing in the yard))) I remember I once sat on the same diet, where banana was strictly forbidden. And here, on the contrary, sit down and eat. Indeed, you never know what you will learn tomorrow.

Daria 03/22/2016
It’s good that they immediately noted that the banana diet is suitable for the Japanese, where this fruit is fresh and does not contain starch in such a large amount as ours. And it’s not known what stuff the products so that they come to our store so pretty. I think that not only starch.

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