Pear cakes - a fragrant autumn dessert. An oven from various dough, with original additives - homemade pears with pears

Pear cakes are not much different from apple cakes both in cooking methods and in popularity.

But they are cooked, unfortunately sweet tooth, much less often. And the pear is a rarer fruit and the trouble with such a pie is still somewhat larger.

But if autumn is golden in the yard, you should ask your mother or grandmother, and what if they don’t refuse to prepare such a wonderful treat?

Pear cakes - general cooking principles

• Late autumn pear varieties are especially good for pies. Fragrant and juicy flesh, retains aroma and taste even after baking. C pears necessarily peel, as it is very hard and even during prolonged heat treatment, it does not soften. The middle with the seeds is also removed. Whole pears are put into the pies or chopped, cut into slices or small pieces.

• To saturate the pastries with special aromas, the pears are slightly boiled, and then they are kept until completely cooled in specially prepared syrups or vanilla is flavored with the dough itself. A very original combination of rich pear taste and cinnamon aroma.

• Pear cakes can be prepared from any kind of dough: from shortbread to biscuit. For faster baking, a ready-made, factory one is also suitable.

• For such baking, not only pears can be put in the filling, sometimes slices of fruits are layered or mixed with various creams.

Yeast dough pear cake


• high-quality baking flour - 200 gr.;

• three tablespoons of 3.2% cow's milk;

• two eggs;

• one and a half tablespoons of vanilla sugar;

• two spoons of “fast” yeast;

• white granulated sugar - 50 g .;

• sweet cream butter - 90 gr.;

• juice from 1/3 lemon;

• three tablespoons of dark granulated sugar;

• two dense juicy pears;

• powdered sugar.

Cooking method:

1. Cut the butter into small pieces and leave it on the table so that it softens.

2. In a deep bowl, mix the milk warmed up to 38 degrees with yeast, 3/4 tablespoons of fine salt, white and vanilla sugar. Yeast granules and sugar crystals should be completely dissolved in milk.

3. Beat the eggs separately and combine them with the yeast mixture. For the dough to rise well, the eggs must be warm, so remove them from the refrigerator in advance.

4. Then, intensively stirring the mixture with a whisk (without whipping), gradually introduce all the flour. It should be a sticky and very sticky dough.

5. Add softened pieces of butter to the dough and mix it well again with a spatula or spoon. Cover tightly and remove closer to heat for 2 hours.

6. Pear peeled, cut in half and remove the core. Cut the halves into slices about two centimeters and sprinkle with lemon juice so as not to darken.

7. At the bottom of a round shape, with a diameter of up to 20 cm, lay parchment, and grease its sides with vegetable oil.

8. Carefully pour the dough into the mold and evenly distribute it throughout the volume with a spatula. Lay out the slices of pears in the form of a fan on the surface and dip them a little in the dough. Between the sides and slices of fruit, be sure to leave a gap of one centimeter.

9. Sprinkle with dark sugar on top and let go a little. To prevent the surface from weathering, cover the mold with a cloth.

10. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and place the pie in it for 40 minutes.

11. Cover the cooled pear cake with powdered sugar, sifting it through a sieve.

Loose almond pie with pears from thin dough "Filo"


• three sheets of purchased or home test "Filo";

• 100 gr. powdered sugar;

• one lemon;

• three dense pears;

• 100 gr. almond nucleoli;

• two eggs;

• 150 gr. soft butter;

• two branches of fresh rosemary;

• 150 gr. sugar.

Cooking method:

1. Remove needles from rosemary twigs. Rinse the lemon, scald with boiling water and scrape the zest from it. It will be convenient to make a fine grater. Separate the peeled pears with quarters, removing the core.

2. Sugar pour 300 ml of water, mix and set to minimum heat. When sugar is completely dissolved, add temperature and bring to a boil.

3. Pour freshly squeezed lemon juice into boiling syrup. Dip the pear slices, lemon zest and rosemary. With a slight boil, boil the pears in syrup for about a minute, remove from the stove and leave to cool. Then put the fruit slices on a sieve and dry well.

4. In a coffee grinder or meat grinder, chop the almonds and dry them slightly in a dry frying pan. Do not fry too much as soon as the aroma starts from it, and the nut crumbs begin to darken, remove from heat and cool.

5. Softened butter (100 g.) Cut into pieces and beat well with a mixer with icing sugar and a small pinch of salt. Without ceasing to beat, one by one, add raw eggs, and at the end add the cooled almond crumbs.

6. Dough the sheets well with the remaining oil, which melt in advance. Put the dough in a round shape, laying sheets on top of each other. Apply almond cream on the dough evenly, and on it evenly place the dried slices of pears and gently push them into the cream.

7. Cover the pie with butter (only the dough) and set for 20 minutes. in an oven warmed to a temperature of at least 200 degrees.

8. While the cake is baking, over low heat, boil the syrup and pour it over the finished cake.

Chocolate Pear Cake


• butter, unsalted butter - 150 gr.;

• four eggs;

• 280 gr. baking flour;

• 100 ml of low-fat cow's milk;

• 100 gr. dark granulated sugar;

• a teaspoon of cinnamon;

• dark chocolate - 100 gr.;

• a spoon of baking powder;

• vanilla sugar - 1 spoon.

For pears:

• dark sugar - 100 g .;

• a teaspoon of vanilla granulated sugar;

• one small lemon;

• five ripe pears, hard;

• cinnamon stick;

• half a liter of dry white wine;

• cardamom in grains - 2 grains.

Cooking method:

1. Peel the fruit and carefully remove the core without cutting the fruit.

2. Pour regular and vanilla sugar into the wine. Add all the spices and spices, put the lemon sliced ​​into thin circles. Put the mixture on medium heat and warm, stirring constantly, until the crystals dissolve completely.

3. Then reduce the heat to the minimum, dip the pears in the wine syrup, cover and leave to cook for 10 minutes. Turn over the pears - the part that was not covered with wine should now be in it. Boil another 10 minutes, remove from the stove and leave for 3 hours, do not remove the lid.

4. Pour cinnamon with baking powder into the measured flour and transfer everything through a sieve.

5. Pour grated chocolate into hot milk and stir until it is completely dispersed.

6. Put the butter in a deep bowl and cut it straight into pieces. Add brown and vanilla sugar and beat until the oily mass brightens. Continuing to beat, enter one egg at a time.

7. In small parts, add flour to the oily mass. After each newly added portion, knead everything well with a spoon.

8. Once all the flour is gone, add the cooled chocolate milk to the dough and mix thoroughly again.

9. Pour a little chocolate dough into the oiled round shape, about a third. Spread it evenly throughout the bottom.

10. Evenly, around the circumference, place the pears on the dough and pour them with the remaining dough.

11. Bake a pear pie at 180 degrees. Cooking time 45 minutes. Before removing from the oven, check that the cake is ready with a wooden stick.

Caramel puff pastry cake


• four medium pears;

• 120 gr. Sahara;

• 30 gr. butter homemade butter;

• a pinch of ground cinnamon;

• A pound of fresh puff pastry.

Cooking method:

1. Cut the pears into small slices, after peeling the fruit from the peel and removing the rough core with seeds.

2. Pour sugar into a dry frying pan and place on a small fire. Heat, constantly stirring, until the crystals melt. Then apply butter around the circumference of the syrup. Once it is absorbed, remove the caramel from the fire and pour into a round shape.

3. Caramelize the slices of pears, the rounded side down, and sprinkle them with cinnamon.

4. Cover the pears with a slightly rolled layer of puff pastry and tuck its edges under the fruit. Be sure to make a small hole in the center, an excess of steam will come out through it, and evenly pierce the surface of the dough in different places.

5. For ten minutes, bake the cake at 200 degrees, then lower the temperature in the oven to 180 degrees and soak the pear cake until a golden crust appears on its surface.

6. Place a plate on the cake with the finished cake, its bottom up and turn it upside down so that the product slides out of the cake directly onto it.

7. In addition, pear cake can be decorated with raspberries or pour chocolate syrup.

Pear Cake - "Pear Charlotte"


• three eggs;

• 250 gr. white sugar;

• a pound of dense mature pears;

• icing sugar;

• 300 gr. white baking flour.

Cooking method:

1. To a creamy state, rub the eggs and sugar with a spoon. The resulting mass should be homogeneous and not contain sugar crystals.

2. Pour the whole portion of the flour at once, and mix it thoroughly with the egg mass. So that the flour does not stray into lumps, you need to do this quickly.

3. Cut the peeled pears into large slices and take out the seed cores. Then cut each slice into small cubes and sprinkle them with flour. You can use starch instead of flour.

4. Apply a thin layer of butter on the inner surface of the mold and put powdered slices of pears in it.

5. On the fruit, apply the dough evenly and smooth it with a wide knife.

6. For forty minutes, place the pear charlotte in the oven, preheated to a temperature of at least 190 degrees.

7. Ready cake, after sufficiently cooled, garnish with icing sugar.

Coconut Pear Shortcake


• flour - 450 gr.;

• 250 gr. natural butter;

• six small pears;

• granulated sugar - 200 g .;

• white shavings of coconut pulp - 100 gr.;

Cooking method:

1. Put the butter (200 gr.) In a large wide bowl and cut it into small pieces directly in the containers. Add 150 gr. sugar, flour, and chop until small crumbs are formed. Collect the oil crumbs lumpy, knead it several times and place it in a bag, refrigerate by placing it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

2. Put a dough rolled into a layer into a form covered with a thin layer of oil and form low sides from it.

3. At the bottom of the workpiece, carefully lay out small segments of pears, without peel and seeds.

4. Beat the eggs with the remaining sugar. Add coconut and melted piece of remaining oil. Mix everything thoroughly and put on pears, distributing in an even layer.

5. Place the cake pan in the hot oven for forty minutes. Baking temperature - 200 degrees

Pear Cakes - Cooking Tips and Useful Tips

• If fruit slices do not need to be boiled in syrup, blanch them in a small amount of water, the filling will become softer.

• Before adding to the filling, lightly powder the slices of pears with flour. It will slow down the secretion of juice, and the dough around the fruit will not be sticky.

• Knead shortbread dough very quickly, otherwise the butter will melt and it will not be crumbly and layered.

• Lubricate the form with a thin layer of oil, dust with flour or sprinkle with semolina. This will protect the cake from unwanted sticking.

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