Atkins Diet - a detailed description and useful tips. Atkins diet reviews and recipes.

Atkins Diet - Description and General Principles

Agree, this is at least strange - eat fried meat, eggs with mayonnaise and grilled sausage, drink all this coffee with cream, and at the same time lose weight effectively. But Dr. Atkins, who designed his studies in the form of a diet, claimed 30 years ago that this is the healthiest and most effective way to quickly lose a few pounds. Yes, not 1-2, as during other common diets, but as many as 5-10. In his opinion, the "root of evil" lies not in meat and animal fats, but in sweets, flour and cereal products, starch-rich vegetables, and, oddly enough, fruits - sources of fructose and glucose. All these products contain a large amount of carbohydrates and sugar, which means energy, and the body stores excess fat "in reserve".

Even disputes about the usefulness and harmfulness of carbohydrate deficiency in the body do not stop many fans of this diet, although there is no, no, and there are reports that a long-term restriction of oneself in carbohydrates leads to heart attacks and other health problems. They tested the Atkins diet and world celebrities - Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Robbie Williams, and spoke quite positively about it. That is why it has another name - the Hollywood diet.

Dr. Atkins divided his diet into several stages, the first and second stages deserve more attention. The first part (2 weeks) can be called the reduction phase, at which time you can eat no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. The body, losing the usual way to get energy, is forced to spend its own fat reserves - that is, the so-called ketogenic phase sets in. But nevertheless, there are restrictions on eating - you should eat only when you are really hungry. You can not overeat, stuffing the stomach "to the eyeballs", because the guarantee of any diet in moderation.

After preparing the body, two more phases can be distinguished - when the body stops losing weight, a small amount of carbohydrates (about 5-10 grams) is introduced into the menu. You can add a small amount of vegetables, cereals, fruits. The next part is supportive. The author believes that this phase should be followed all his life so as not to gain extra pounds again.

Atkins diet - what foods can be consumed

Meat of any kind: chicken, ham, pork, beef, sausage, lamb, etc.
Fish of any kind: sardines, salmon, herring, river fish. From seafood, you should choose only those that contain a minimum of carbohydrates. From now on, you should carefully study the composition of the products on the labels, as a large amount of carbohydrates can nullify all efforts.
Eggs of any kind are welcome.
Cheeses choose only those that contain the minimum amount of prohibited substances.
From vegetables, we leave radishes, radishes, Chinese cabbage, parsley, cucumbers, bell peppers, celery. Here we add shoots of germinated seeds, butter, fish oil and mushrooms.
Without greens, it is impossible to imagine a single diet, a wide variety of herbs remains available. Salad dressing is carried out with vegetable oil with the addition of lemon juice or vinegar. Some vegetables should be limited at first - eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, green peas, tomatoes and onions. Sour cream is used within the protein norm (no more than 20 grams per day). Please note that drinks - herbal decoctions, green and black tea - are consumed without sugar. Alcohol, taking into account the amount of carbohydrates, can be consumed only after the first two weeks of the diet.

Atkins diet - what foods should not be consumed

First of all, it must be said about salt. It inhibits natural processes, so its amount in food must be reduced to a minimum, and completely eliminated during the first two weeks. Refuse at this time should be from alcohol. Confectionery, sweets, sugar and margarine are banned. Potatoes and other starchy foods should be discarded for a while.

Atkins Diet - Menu Examples

Immediately in the first hours after waking up, it is recommended to drink a glass of water. Breakfast will always be about the same.
First and second breakfast: coffee with non-fat milk (0, 5%), or a glass of tea, without sugar, you can add a little fructose. Low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. At first, you can take two curds, gradually leaving one. Two hours later, an apple or other fruits, a glass of tea with mint.

Lunch: Again, water 15 minutes before meals. Lunch menu options:
- ear, brown bread, tomato salad, tea, dried fruits, mandarin.
- Grilled veal (100 grams), or cooked in the oven, boiled wild rice, cucumber salad and a lot of greens. To enhance the taste, you can add soy sauce. Dressing - olive oil with lemon juice.
- Steam fish (150 gr) or grilled without oil. Garnish - any of the above.

Snack: after 2-3 hours, apple vegetables, kefir. You can add green tea with mint.
Dinner: a traditional glass of water;
- squid salad with egg and corn, filled with olive oil, crushed garlic and lemon juice, boiled shrimp and wild rice;
- chicken (250 gr), baked in the oven, garnished with grapefruit;
- fish cooked in the oven, salad (tomato, greens, 2 cucumbers, half of bell pepper and 1 egg).
Black bread in a small amount and a few slices of pineapple. You can prepare a protein dessert: any ground nuts (200 g), sweetener, a spoonful of instant coffee, 3 egg whites. Beat everything with a mixer, put on fire until thickened (for 2-3 minutes). Form balls and roll in coconut.
In total, 1200 kcal can be consumed during the day.

Atkins Diet - Useful Tips and Reviews

Among the strict contraindications for compliance with the diet are atherosclerosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy, lactation. People with diabetes and kidney disease should be especially careful about this diet. When moving to the second level, you need to enter carbohydrates in small portions. It is worthwhile to have portable scales on hand and monitor the dynamics of weight in order to stay at that individual rate at which the body will maintain a normal balance.

And most importantly - carefully consider the motivation for losing weight. Come up with a reward that you can give at the end of the diet, keep a diary of achievements. Psychologists argue that such small tricks help to deceive "hunger" and significantly reduce dependence on junk food. You can continue to live wonderful, observing the principles of healthy eating.


Vasilisa 09/20/2016
The menu is not composed correctly. Do not eat fruits and dried fruits. You can’t eat bread. Skim milk and skim milk have carbohydrates. So your menu author is completely wrong

Elena 09/16/2016
At first glance, everything about the diet is clear, but I don’t understand, 20 g of carbohydrates are permissible per day, you can’t say this on the menu: rice, corn, fruits, etc. ... some kind of contradiction ... I’ll say for breakfast I ate 100 g of trout and 1 bell pepper ( 100g), then I had a bite with one fresh cucumber (80g), I already have 15g of carbohydrates! Sorry, what kind of rice, what kind of fruit? There already it turns out more than 50-70g ... CONTRADICT YOURSELF YOURSELF ...

Lucy 03/21/2016
For three months I lost 22 kilograms on the Atkins diet, I was just over the moon with happiness. now 3 years have passed already, not much gained weight, but it's not scary. I kept the diet strictly, with all the requirements. For the result, until now, I am very grateful to the creator of such a wonderful way to lose weight!

Lina 03/21/2016
Something I do not really believe in the effectiveness of this diet ... Somehow it is strange, not familiar. I prefer more stringent restrictions, with a specific schedule of what and what time to eat. And even without fruit, it’s not at all clear how to get along ?! In general - not mine.

Tatyana 03/21/2016
I adhere to this diet approximately. I don’t eat bread, I eat flour at all, I drink coffee, I ate a peach. And the weight is leaving early. Maybe it would have taken more, but to me it’s already fine, and without any kind of torment. By the way, alcohol is even possible, except for beer. Great diet! Almost not felt.

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