"Friends of Pavarotti" in honor of the idol staged a significant concert

Five years have passed since the death of Luciano Pavarotti. His hometown of Modena in Italy worthily recalled the legendary tenor - a big concert. The memorable event took place in the city theater "Theater Communal".

Tickets for the concert, which were distributed free of charge at the box office, spread at lightning speed. The remaining tickets were just as successfully sold through online sites. Those who did not have time to obtain a pass certificate could enjoy the concert from the big screen installed in the Stork Theater.

Particularly pleased the audience "star" composition of the participants. Such performers as Eliza, Morricone, Lorenzo Giovanotti, Andrea Bocelli came to honor the memory of the great maestro. Also, young and equally talented singers took part in the memorial concert: Marco Frusoni, Valeria Seppe, Paolo Karaman and other Belcanto stars.

We remind you that Luciano Pavarotti was born in 1935 in the city of Modena. Already at the age of nine, he sang in a church choir, but did not attach much importance to music - little Luciano dreamed of becoming a professional footballer.

Growing up, Pavarotti began to teach at school, but over time, interest in music still prevailed, and he seriously decided to develop in the field of his favorite hobby. Thus, by 1977, the maestro had risen to the pinnacle of success and became known throughout the world.

In February 2006, Luciano bid farewell to the audience, speaking for the last time at the opening ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter Games, and on September 6, 2007 the sad news came of the death of the great tenor. He died of cancer. He was buried in a family crypt next to the closest people.

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