Exercises for weight loss - are there any? The most effective exercises for losing weight at home

Exercises for weight loss are becoming more popular and varied. In this article we will discuss with what effective exercises for weight loss you can achieve the best effect.

General tips for doing leg weight loss exercises:

• Before the start of each lesson, be sure to perform a general warm-up with the final stretching of the trained muscles. This seemingly “useless exercise” actually increases the effectiveness of all further training, prevents injuries, accelerates the growth of muscle fibers, and burns fatty tissue. The duration of the warm-up should be 5-10 minutes, and its main goal is not to give a load, namely to warm up and prepare your body.

• Observe the correct execution of exercises in the mirror - the movements should be smooth and the same on both sides, which will ensure their uniform study and symmetrical development.

• Balance your diet - the effectiveness of leg weight loss exercises can be minimized due to poor diet. Limit your intake of fast carbohydrates such as sugary drinks, pastries, and baked goods. Replace them with complex carbohydrates, the energy of which will smoothly nourish your muscles, without deposits in adipose tissue. Complex carbohydrates include any whole grain products, cereals, pasta from durum wheat. Try to reduce the amount of fats consumed, possibly replacing them with Omega 3-6-9 healthy fats found in natural marine fish, avocados and nuts. Do not forget about the need to add as much vegetables and fruits to your diet as possible - fiber and vitamins contained in them contribute to better absorption of food, elimination of toxins from the body, and speed up metabolism. If you wish, you can add to your daily diet several foods that burn fat - grapefruit, pineapple, cucumbers, ginger, cinnamon, green tea.

• When choosing exercises for weight loss, keep in mind that if your main task is to reduce the volume, then focus on exercises with a large number of repetitions that develop muscle fibers that are responsible for endurance. If you want to further increase muscle mass, then focus your training on working with free weights, where the load on the muscle fibers that are responsible for strength will be given. The process of losing weight in this case will go much faster due to the rapid absorption of energy by the growing muscles.


If you are interested in the most effective exercises for losing weight, then this, of course - squats. The multivariance of this exercise makes it possible to give an adjustable load on many muscle groups, not only the legs, but the whole body, which will increase the percentage of muscle tissue, which will automatically accelerate fat burning.

Regardless of the ultimate goal of training, you should first learn how to do classic squats, without weight.

• We stand straight, we put our feet shoulder width apart, parallel to each other, hands - directly in front of us or behind our heads

• On a smooth and deep breath, lower the pelvis as low as possible, without rounding the back, and without lifting the heels off the floor

• At the bottom point we fix the position for 1 second and gradually rise to its original position, exhaling

Gradually increase the number of squats, doing each time by 3-5 repetitions more in each approach. As soon as you can sit down 3 sets of 50 times (with a minute break between sets), you can safely switch to squats with weights.

Wide-legged dumbbell squats (sumo)

This type of squats works best on the inner thigh and abdominal muscles. At home, this exercise can be performed with a bottle of water or any symmetrical object, the weight of which will be optimal for you. If it seems to you that the exercise is too simple - do not rush to deceive yourself. Reduce your execution speed so that you can feel every muscle in your legs, abs, buttocks and back. Check the technique of your own performance by filming it on the video - obvious errors become visible from the side.

• We get up straight, we set our feet 180 degrees wide, the head looks straight, the shoulders are deployed, the chest is spread out, the hands are holding a dumbbell with the effort of the hands (shoulders, biceps and triceps should almost not feel)

• On a smooth and deep breath, lower the pelvis until the hips are parallel to the floor, the position of the upper body should be unchanged

• At the lower point, we also fix the position for 1 second and gradually rise to its original position, exhaling


As already mentioned, weight loss exercises for weight loss are the most effective. When properly performed, almost all the muscles of the body are involved, which allows you to replace many exercises with just one. This is what many bodybuilders do, and very successfully - according to research results, during two-month workouts consisting of a warm-up and squats with free weight, an increase was noted not only in the leg muscles, but also in those that did not participate in the exercise at all. A lot of girls have also already managed to appreciate the full force of the squat with a barbell, because it is due to him that the beautiful and elastic butt, on which absolutely all men stare, sways best. Regardless of the gender of the student, squats help him strengthen the muscles of his whole body, positively affect his sex life, and, most importantly for us, burn extra pounds.

It is recommended to start doing squats with a barbell with a small weight - first an empty bar, and then, when the technique becomes better, you can already smoothly throw pancakes, not forgetting the constant control of your technique. Together with all its benefits, this exercise is fraught with danger - if it is improperly performed with a lot of weight, you can easily get a serious injury.

Dumbbell Lunges

An effective exercise that works on the muscles of the hips and buttocks. It is easier to perform at home, because it does not require a large area, and dumbbells can be replaced with water bottles. Unlike squats, the load is alternately distributed between one leg and the other, which allows you to concentrate on the muscles currently involved. This feature becomes the reason that people who have certain problems with the body can perform lunges with very little weight, while achieving decent results.

• Stand straight, chest straightened, arms with dumbbells along the body, legs slightly closer than shoulder width

• On a smooth breath, take a step forward with the right foot, bend it at the knee and transfer the body weight to it, the left leg is lifted on the toe, the position of the body does not change

• On the exhale, push your right foot off the floor, and return to the previous position


1) It is allowed both alternation of both legs, and work only with the right or left, when one of them is weaker or less in volume

2) If you perform alternations in a spacious hall, you can modernize the exercise, turning it into walking with lunges

3) If your goal is the load on the buttocks, then take steps as long as possible. If your goal is a load on the hips, then do the most short lunges, while maintaining the execution methodology

4) To increase muscle mass - take a sufficiently large weight so that your strength is enough for 15-20 repetitions. And if your goal is to create a relief, then work with a small weight that allows you to make 30-50 lunges

Other exercises and conclusion

In search of the most effective exercises for losing weight, many forget the whole series of exercises that we all carry out at school. Perhaps someone thinks that this is no longer serious, and there is no sense at all from them. However, we hasten to reassure you - such exercises as jogging and jumping rope, running on stairs - are one of the main destroyers of fat! The thing is a significant acceleration of the heart, enrichment of the blood with oxygen, and prolonged, high-frequency muscle contractions, which together very quickly burns all available sugar in the blood, after which the body begins to break down subcutaneous fat. Look at the boxers before the competition - they, in just a few days, lose about 10% of their weight in training with a skipping rope. Look at the runners - among them there is not one even with a hint of fat, all slender, thin ...

It is also important to understand that our body is a holistic system. All changes do not occur locally, but throughout the body. If you set yourself the laudable goal of removing excess fat from your legs, it will leave either with the whole body, or it will not leave at all. Any exercises that create long-term physical activity, such as running, swimming, sports, will to some extent burn fat reserves, well, and the study of specific parts of the body will make their appearance more eye-catching and attractive. We do not offer you complex schemes of professional athletes, they are applicable only at their level, but we draw attention to the fact that even such trained people consider running a mandatory attribute on the way to a beautiful and slim figure. Do not be lazy, and set aside at least 20 minutes for an easy run in your daily schedule, and the effect of such a sacrifice will be noticeable in a week!

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