Apple jam with orange - old taste, new aroma! Jam recipes from apples with oranges for the winter and just like that

Jam also consists of fruits and sugar, but it is not like jam or jam.

Thick, homogeneous, aromatic mass is ideal for sweet sandwiches, pastries and other desserts. Most often, jam is made from apples, this taste is familiar, but not interesting anymore.

To add novelty to the treat, try adding an orange to it!

Apple jam with orange - the general principles of preparation

Jam is made from summer and autumn apples, which are easily boiled. You can take broken, crumpled, overripe fruits. But they should not be moldy, black, rotten. Fruits are cut finely or twisted. More often use the second option to reduce cooking time. The skin is not removed, it contributes to the thickening of the product.

Oranges require thorough washing, as they often undergo numerous treatments. Citruses are washed with a brush, you can use baking soda, pour boiling water over the fruit. In the jam usually lay the oranges completely, taking out the bones. Sometimes peel the white peel. Citruses are put in a treat less than apples. Sometimes one fruit is enough for 2-3 kg of apples.

Jam is not cooked without sugar. Use ordinary sand. It is added to the fruit immediately, sometimes it is allowed to stand together to isolate the juice. Usually the mass is boiled on the stove. You can use a multicooker for cooking jam, the recipe is just below.

Jam from apples with orange slices

The recipe for apple jam, in which the orange is laid in pieces. For this portion you will need one, but large citrus. Apples are best used varieties "Antonovka" and the like.


• 3 kg of apples;

• 1 orange;

• 0.2 l of water;

• 1.8 kg.


1. Cut the washed apples, twist through a meat grinder. You can use a grater. We discard the bits.

2. We shift the cooked porridge into a saucepan or in a convenient basin.

3. Add sugar to apples, stir. We put on the stove, we start to heat.

4. Rinse the orange, cut into slices, then across. You will get pieces that resemble triangles in shape. We do not make them large, so that aromatic intersperses are more often found in a sweet treat.

5. Oranges are immediately thrown to the apples.

6. Pour water, cook after boiling for half an hour. Stir the mass as often as possible so that the jam does not burn. Also, do not let it boil too actively.

7. With a clean ladle we collect boiling delicacy, put it in sterile jars, immediately cork.

Apple jam with orange "Tender"

A recipe for a very delicate and unusually fragrant jam from apples with oranges, which is also quite simple to prepare. Use any fruits for this treat; varieties do not have a special role.


• 2 kg of apples;

• 2 oranges;

• 1 kg of sugar.


1. Rinse apples, cut into pieces convenient for twisting.

2. We also wash the oranges. We take a kitchen grater, preferably the finest and rub the zest with citrus. This is a thin skin dyed in orange. We try not to touch the white crust.

3. Peel the peel, cut the pulp of citrus slices, take out the bones.

4. Twist the apples and oranges together.

5. Add previously chopped zest. With it, the aroma of jam will be amazing.

6. Add prescription sugar. Stir and leave for half an hour. During this time, part of the sand will melt, the fruit will let the juice in, the mass will become thinner, which is more convenient for cooking.

7. Send the sweet mass to the stove.

8. Let’s boil, remove the heat to a medium level and cook for at least half an hour. We focus on consistency.

9. It remains to remove the jars, roll up.

Jam from apples with orange and lemon

For this apple jam with oranges, you need only one lemon. But its aroma will make the workpiece amazing.


• 2.5 kg of apples;

• 2 oranges;

• 1 lemon;

• 150 ml of water;

• 1.5 kg of sugar.


1. Cut the apples into small pieces. It can be ground in any other way.

2. Lemon and oranges cut into slices, take out all the bones.

3. Twist citruses or mashed with a blender.

4. Add the citrus mass to the chopped apples.

5. Pour sugar, the amount according to the recipe.

6. Stir, let it brew for two hours.

7. We add water to the future.

8. Before cooking, stir well again, place on a stove.

9. For a jam of medium consistency, cook the mass for half an hour.

10. To get a thick treat, increase the time to 45 minutes. But do not forget that closer to the end of the process, stir the thickening mass more often, otherwise it will burn quickly.

Apple jam with orange and pears

Mixed jam recipe with apples, oranges and pears. We choose soft, ripe fruits filled with summer aroma.


• 1.2 kg of apples;

• 0.6 kg of oranges;

• 1.2 kg of pears;

• 1.6 kg of sugar.


1. Rinse apples and pears. Cut the fruit into small pieces for twisting. If the combine will be used, then it is possible to cut arbitrarily. We immediately discard the stumps with seeds.

2. We also cut the washed oranges into pieces, take out the seeds.

3. Twist everything together.

4. Add to the fruit mass sand according to the recipe, pour half a glass of water. Stir.

5. Leave for a few hours to stand out the juice.

6. Set to cook. The exact time depends on the juiciness of the fruit. On average, this will also take 30-40 minutes.

Jam from apples with orange and zucchini

Zucchini is a vegetable with a neutral taste. It is ideal not only for caviar. It is often used in desserts. Jam with it turns out very tasty, you do not need to add water to it.


• 1 kg of vegetable marrow;

• 1.5 kg of apples;

• 0.5 kg of orange;

• 1.6 kg of sugar.


1. Zucchini clean if the skin is tough. In any fruit, we select seeds, even if they are small. Cut the vegetable into pieces.

2. Also cut apples, oranges in pieces. Bones and bits must be thrown away.

3. Twist everything together to the state of gruel.

4. Pour sugar in mashed potatoes, stir and insist for at least thirty minutes

5. We send jam to cook.

6. After boiling, reduce the fire, make sure that the mass does not burn.

7. After 45 minutes, you can lay out sweet mashed potatoes from a jar, cork.

Apple jam with orange and pumpkin

The recipe is really sunny and bright jam, in which pumpkin is added. The cooking technology differs from those indicated above. The mass is crushed after preliminary boiling.


• 1 kg of pumpkin;

• 1.4 kg of apples;

• 1 orange;

• 120 ml of water;

• 1.1 kg of sugar.


1. The recipe indicates the weight of the peeled pumpkin. We cut it into cubes, toss it into the pan.

2. Apples are also cut into small cubes, tossed to a pumpkin.

3. Add water, put on the stove, cover with a lid. We soar the fruits until soft. On average, it will take 20 minutes, but it all depends on the ripeness, juiciness, variety of ingredients.

4. Steamed vegetables should be cooled.

5. From the orange we wash the zest, you can immediately shift in mashed potatoes.

6. We clean slices of citrus, cut into slices, bypassing the thick veins, bones. We shift to the steamed mass.

7. Take a blender, bring the mass to homogeneity. If there is no such device, the steamed ingredients can be crushed with a crush, and cut the orange as finely as possible.

8. Pour granulated sugar, stir.

9. We send the future jam to the plate. Boil for about 15 minutes after boiling. We look at the consistency.

10. Pour into jars, twist.

Jam from apples with an orange in a slow cooker

Cooking jam in a slow cooker is convenient because you do not need to constantly stir the treat. A wonderful saucepan will not let it burn or scatter throughout the kitchen with an active boil.


• 1 kg of apples;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 1 orange;

• 2.5 cups of sugar;

• 1.5 cups of water.


1. Peel apples, cut into quarters, put in a slow cooker, pour a third of a glass of water. Turn on the baking mode for 30 minutes.

2. Pour the peel with the ode specified in the recipe. We put in a saucepan on the stove and cook for 25 minutes, filter. It will turn out a little more than half a glass of valuable decoction with pectin, which will make the workpiece thick.

3. Lemon and orange cut into pieces, mashed with a blender, getting rid of seeds.

4. Stir the apples with a spatula, add citruses, peel decoction and granulated sugar.

5. Turn on the baking mode again. Now we cook a treat for 40 to 65 minutes, depending on the desired density.

6. If the jam is intended for long-term storage, then put into jars you need a hot mass immediately after cooking.

Apple jam with orange - useful tips and tricks

• Do not save sugar when cooking jam. If sand is less than normal, the product may become moldy.

• It is believed that for jam you need to choose fruits of the same degree of maturity. But this does not apply to jam. It can be cooked not only from apples of different maturity, but also even from different varieties.

• When cooking jam, you should give preference to low dishes with a large diameter. Moisture will evaporate faster.

• The jam becomes thick after cooling completely. When hot, it is much thinner. You can check the consistency by dropping a little hot product on a chilled plate.

• A brown shade of jam indicates that the delicacy was cooked on too high a fire and burned in places. For a golden, amber hue, you need to boil the mass slowly.

• So that mold does not appear in an open jar of jam, sprinkle the sweetness with sugar or powder, close it with a nylon cover, and put it in the refrigerator. There it can stand for several months.

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