In the US, begin to ban plastic bottles

In the small American town of Concord, located in Massachusetts, from January 1, 2013, a law banning the sale of water in plastic bottles will come into force. According to local media, this decision was made in April this year by a council of citizens who are seriously concerned about the environmental situation of their country.

According to the citizens, the improper disposal of plastic bottles brings serious damage to the environment. The state attorney general fully supported the residents of Concord: "Let's hope that after Concord, other cities will come to such an important decision," Hill quotes.

All plastic bottles of one liter or less are prohibited. Violation of the law will be punished accordingly: the first violation will entail a warning, and the subsequent ones - a fine of up to fifty dollars.

Companies producing bottled water, in turn, intend to appeal this decision in court. According to the International Association of Water Producers, such an innovation will hurt local businesses, depriving the city of important tax revenues.

Note that Concord is not the only and not the first city in the world to come to a decision to cancel the sale of bottled water. A similar law was first introduced three years ago in an Australian city called the Bundanut.

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