Young potato in a slow cooker - a delicious autumn dish. Recipe for young potatoes in a slow cooker: baked, fried, stewed

Autumn is generous with gifts. Young potatoes are especially popular in early autumn. You can cook it in the oven, in a pan, very tasty it turns out young potatoes in a slow cooker. It has long been known that potatoes are not only a storehouse of vitamins, but also an incomparably tasty and varied in cooking product. It is prepared easily, but the taste is always different. Remember how Tosya from the movie "Girls" listed dishes made from potatoes? Young potatoes are slightly different from the usual ones, their peel is very thin, it can not even be peeled, but simply rinsed well. By its useful properties, young potatoes are no worse than mature ones.

General principles for cooking young potatoes in a slow cooker

Young potatoes are good because they do not need to be peeled, just rinse in cool water with a sponge to wash dishes, only clean, without detergents and cleaners.

If you want an excellent golden and crispy crust, boil the potatoes until half cooked in a regular pan.

Young potatoes go well with vegetable salads, meat and fish dishes.

All herbs are best used in dried form.

When cooking young potatoes, use olive oil. Since potato itself is a high-calorie product, olive oil allows you to slightly reduce the calorie content of the dish as a whole.

Decorating young potatoes before serving is preferably a mixture of herbs: use basil and rosemary leaves with dill and parsley.

Young potatoes in a slow cooker: recipe "in a fur coat"

This recipe for baking young potatoes in a slow cooker is simple and reliable. With it you will absolutely please your guests and loved ones. The dish is suitable for lunch and dinner. Since potatoes according to this recipe belong to medium-calorie dishes, it can safely eat and body-guard.


• kg of young potatoes

• half a glass of breadcrumbs

• salt

• olive oil

• spices, herbs, dill


Rinse the young potatoes very carefully, you can do this with a regular sponge for dishes. The main thing is that the skin is clean. Large potatoes can be cut in half or in four.

Salt the potatoes, add spices and Provence herbs, mix well.

Pour in olive oil, mix.

After that, sprinkle the potatoes with breadcrumbs and mix again.

Put the potatoes in the multicooker bowl, set the Roasting mode to 40 minutes.

After the potatoes are ready, sprinkle them with finely chopped dill.

A dish is considered ready when the potato is obtained in a golden "coat" - a crust.

Potato aromatia: recipe for young potatoes in a slow cooker

The potato is very aromatic, thanks to spices and garlic. It is best to use rosemary and basil, but if among your seasonings these herbs are not found, you can replace them with Provencal herbs and oregano.


• a little more than half a kg of potatoes

• black pepper

• salt

• olive oil

• a couple of sprigs of rosemary

• a couple of basil leaves

• a few cloves of garlic


Rinse young potatoes very well with a brush or sponge; you do not need to peel them. Medium sized potatoes are preferred.

Put washed and dried potatoes in a multicooker bowl.

Pour olive oil a little, salt.

Add pepper, rosemary and basil.

Peel and crush the garlic on a garlic press, add to the potatoes.

Mix everything carefully.

Set the Roasting mode to 30 minutes. Garnish finished potatoes with rosemary and basil leaves.

Do not forget to periodically mix the potatoes during the program.

Young potatoes in a slow cooker: a recipe of two favorite foods

People say that potatoes are the second bread. And milk is that water. Often these two products are combined in one dish. So this recipe contains both milk and potatoes. Preparing a dish based on six servings.


• kg of new potatoes

• a piece of butter

• salt

• 150 gr cheese

• a glass of milk

• pepper


Rinse young potatoes several times, peel with a thin layer of peel.

Pepper the finished tubers, add salt.

Put the potatoes in a multicooker bowl.

Pour the tubers with milk, and put a little butter on top of each potato.

Cheese must be used hard variety. Rub it on the largest grater and sprinkle them with potatoes.

Set the Roasting program for 45 minutes. When the timer signals the end of the program, give our potatoes a little stand.

The finished dish can be sprinkled with finely chopped parsley.

A quick recipe for young potatoes in a slow cooker

This dish is prepared very quickly, it turns out tasty and appetizing, suitable as a side dish for cutlets or fish, goes well with vegetable salad.


• kg of young potatoes

• a couple of chives

• butter

• salt


Rinse young tubers very well, do not peel the peel. It is best to take a small potato, but not peas.

Boil potatoes in a pan, be sure to add salt to the water.

After the potato is ready, put it in the bowl of the multicooker.

Add butter there, fry a little potatoes in the Baking program, no more than 20 minutes.

It is necessary that the potato acquire a golden brown. After that, squeeze the garlic on it. Close the slow cooker and let the potatoes stand for 5 minutes. When serving, mix the dish and decorate with greens.

Recipe for young potatoes in a slow cooker: add herbs

Potato is a universal product, it goes well with any dish. This recipe goes well with vegetable stew or fried meat. Its main difference is the abundance of herbs. It is advisable to use strictly according to the list, each seasoning gives the potato its aroma and taste.


• kg of young potatoes

• salt

• greenery

• olive oil

• pepper

• marjoram

• basil

• paprika

• coriander

• dried tomatoes

• nutmeg


All spices are best used in dried form, in the preparation of just young potatoes - this is one of the most important conditions.

Rinse young potatoes, it is advisable to do this under running water.

Dry the tubers on a towel.

Cut it into medium pieces and place it in the crock-pot.

Salt it to your liking.

Add all listed spices and herbs, mix well.

Add olive oil, mix again. Install the Casserole program for half an hour. If your appliance has a valve, then cook for about 10 minutes with the valve open, then the same amount with the valve closed.

Rinse and chop the greens, both dill and parsley will do.

Sprinkle the finished potatoes with herbs and serve.

Recipe for young potatoes in a slow cooker: honey, herbs and garlic

The classics of cooking - potatoes, butter and sour cream - are, of course, tasty and healthy, but sometimes you want to show your imagination. This recipe is from the category of experimental ones. It is not difficult to prepare it, the multicooker will do all the work, you just have to shake the laurels of the culinary chef.


• kg of small potatoes

• green onions

• dill

• salt

• a couple of chives

• parsley

• a spoon of honey

• butter


Rinse small young potatoes very well with a clean sponge for washing dishes.

Boil it in a pan, salt. After lay out on a towel and let it dry slightly.

In a bowl of a multicooker, heat butter, put honey there, mix well, then put the potatoes there and fry it.

Fry the potatoes from different sides for a couple of minutes, you need to achieve a golden crust.

Finely chop the parsley, onion, dill and peeled garlic.

Put the finished potatoes on a dish and sprinkle with herbs and garlic. You can pepper a little more and add salt.

Recipe for young potatoes in a slow cooker with mushrooms

It is customary to add meat to potatoes, but a dish with mushrooms is equally tasty. Young potatoes are great for this recipe.


• kg of young potatoes

• a can of whole mushrooms

• a couple of chives

• a pair of young bean pods

• onion head

• dill greens

• parsley

• salt

• olive oil

• pepper

• Provencal herbs

• broth cube


Rinse young potatoes and cut into large cubes.

Put potatoes in a multicooker bowl, salt it, add herbs and garlic, mix.

Peel and finely chop the onion and garlic, put in potatoes, mix.

Spice up.

In the multicooker bowl, add whole mushrooms and pods of young beans to the potato.

Pour a little olive oil and add the bouillon cube. Preferably chicken.

To mix everything.

Install the Multi-Cook program for half an hour, periodically stirring the dish. You can add a little water so that potatoes, mushrooms and vegetables are well stewed.

Garnish the finished dish with parsley and dill.

Tips and tricks for cooking young potatoes in a slow cooker

  • To make the young potatoes even more fragrant, you can add a third of the chicken stock cube to the cooking process.

  • Garlic is best not to crush, but finely chopped. Its aroma permeates potatoes better.

  • If you do not have all the necessary herbs and spices, use seasoning for barbecue, it contains the desired set.

  • If your multicooker does not have the Roasting mode, use the Roast program.

  • To make the dish neat and mouth-watering, take a potato slightly smaller than average size and always oval.

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