How to clean mushrooms: for boiling, frying, pickling. Do mushrooms clean before cooking and why do it

The unique composition, which includes a whole range of vitamins and minerals, makes champignons not only tasty, but also a healthy product.

The basic rule is to choose fresh mushrooms and process them properly.

The latter includes not only cooking, but also preparing champignons for consumption.

How to clean mushrooms and whether mushrooms are cleaned at all is a question that sooner or later arises before every housewife.

How to clean mushrooms: basic rules

To the question: "Do mushrooms clean?" There is a definite answer: "Yes." Mushrooms need certain processing and cleaning.

In order to peel the mushrooms, you need to know some nuances. The cleaning technique largely depends on the size and degree of freshness of the mushrooms:

• mushrooms of a small size, sufficiently dense and fresh, it is enough to treat with a stiff brush and cut off the base of the leg by a few millimeters; then rinse the champignon under running water and leave to dry on a paper towel;

• fresh larger mushrooms are also cleaned with a brush, but pay special attention to damaged dark areas, they should be cut with a sharp knife; then rinse the mushroom and leave on a paper towel to dry.

In this way, particles of earth and grass, as well as mechanical dirt and dust that have fallen during transportation of the product, are removed from the champignon.

Peeling: This procedure should only be carried out if the mushrooms are stale and require additional processing during preparation. Peel with a knife. Grab the edge at the base of the cap and move up towards the other edge. The degree of "staleness" of the fungus is determined in this way: the peel from stale mushrooms is removed much faster. Then the leg is trimmed, and the mushroom is washed under a stream of running water, after which it is also dried on a paper towel.

How to clean mushrooms with different cooking methods

A common way to prepare mushrooms is to fry or boil the product.

Champignon pickling is less common.

Mushrooms are rarely eaten raw. Of course, the amount of vitamins and minerals in this case is saved more. However, eating fresh champignons is justified only if the mushrooms are fresh and their appearance is not suspicious.

If you plan to use fresh mushrooms, then the mushrooms should be thoroughly cleaned with a brush and washed in water. It is better to completely cut off the leg and remove excess moisture. Then mushrooms are sent to the dish (most often salads).

If it is necessary to heat treatment, first of all, you should look at each mushroom for the presence of spoiled areas and remove them.

If the mushroom cap is large enough (more than 4 cm in diameter), then peel should be removed. Smaller mushrooms can simply be rubbed against each other. Be sure to cut off the leg and wash the mushrooms under a stream of running water. Mushrooms should be dried well before frying. If boiling of mushrooms is supposed, then additional drying is not required.

What else you need to know: how to clean mushrooms quickly and "tastefully"

As with preparing any dish, the question of how to clean mushrooms and preserve the taste of a culinary masterpiece is of concern to every housewife. It is worth noting a few subtleties when working with these mushrooms:

1. It is necessary to clean the mushrooms just before cooking. Peeled and chopped mushrooms lose their useful and flavoring properties in a matter of hours.

2. Often in champignons you can observe the so-called "skirts". They do not carry any danger in themselves and can be cut off solely for aesthetic purposes.

3. Excess water takes away the taste and aroma of champignons. For this reason, the mushrooms are washed quickly enough under running water and dried with a paper towel.

4. Mushrooms are cut not only so that the use of the finished dish was more convenient. In this way, it is possible to achieve a full disclosure of taste. Therefore, when pickling, small mushrooms are also chosen so that they are more quickly saturated with spices and filling.

Little mushroom tricks

If there is a need to store already peeled mushrooms in the refrigerator, then the storage time should not exceed 24 hours. In this case, the leg will need to be cut a few millimeters before direct cooking.

Lemon juice will help prolong the freshness of peeled mushrooms. It is enough to sprinkle the product with a few drops of lemon juice and cover with cling film.

The peel gives dishes with mushrooms a special aroma and taste, so it should be cut only on large, stale mushrooms.

Shop mushrooms are quite clean. They are easy to clean with a brush and rinse with water. If we are talking about forest champignons, then it will not be so easy to cope with adhered leaves, sand and twigs. In this case, it is necessary to soak the mushrooms in hot water. It is worth remembering that water takes away the aroma and taste of the product, so the soaking process should not exceed 10-15 minutes. After this procedure, the contamination will be much easier to remove. Need a knife and a brush. It is nevertheless necessary to remove the peel from forest mushrooms and cut off the leg as much as possible. Use them raw and for pickling is not recommended. For this purpose, only purchased mushrooms are suitable.

The modern rhythm of life dictates to us the rules of proper nutrition. Champignons today can be seen on the table of vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists and, of course, people with a traditional type of food. This product is widespread, and is found all year round on store shelves.

Champignons are leaders among mushrooms in the kitchen. They are easy to cook. They are tasty and safe for health. To prepare dishes from mushrooms, you need to take fresh whole mushrooms. They must be properly processed and cleaned. And then dishes with mushrooms will give a delicious aroma and unforgettable taste.

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