Zucchini jam with oranges is an original treat. A selection of the best recipes for squash jam with oranges

Who would have thought that from zucchini you can cook not only caviar, salads, but also delicious jam.

Oranges will give it a sweet and sour taste and delicious aroma with exotic notes.

This delicacy can be safely called a delicacy, because it somehow resembles the taste of pineapple jam.

Zucchini jam with oranges - the basic principles of preparation

Jam made from zucchini alone does not have a special taste and aroma, as with the addition of oranges. It is citrus fruits that make this delicacy a delicacy.

Young zucchini is selected for jam. Overgrown vegetables do not have enough juice, so the jam from them will turn out to be too thick and viscous. Zucchini wash, cut into cubes or tinder on a coarse grater. To peel or not, decide for yourself if it is tough, then it is better, of course, to trim it.

The prepared vegetable is placed in an enameled bowl and covered with sugar. Stand for six hours. Then put on fire and cook, stirring, for about 20 minutes. Set aside, completely cool and add the zest or pulp of oranges. Cook twice with an interval of six hours and roll into sterile jars.

There are many options for making squash jam with oranges. Lemons, gelatin, dried fruits, etc. are added to it.

We have collected the best recipes for this delicacy for you so that you can enjoy it with a cup of tea.

Recipe 1. Zucchini jam with orange. Option 1


  • a kilogram of young zucchini;

  • 800 g of granulated sugar;

  • two oranges.

Cooking method

1. My zucchini under a stream of water, wipe with a towel, cut on both sides and chop the vegetable into cubes, one and a half centimeters thick. We shift the chopped zucchini into enameled dishes.

2. Oranges are poured with boiling water and chopped citrus fruits as small as possible. Add to the zucchini.

3. We fill the vegetable with oranges with sugar and send for a day in the refrigerator.

4. Put a container with zucchini on the stove and simmer for five minutes over medium heat with constant stirring. Then reduce the heat to a minimum and cook for 35 minutes, not forgetting to stir.

5. We wash the glass containers, rinse and sterilize in the oven for 20 minutes. We spread the jam on the banks and roll up the boiled lids. Turn over and cool under the rug.

Recipe 2. Zucchini jam with oranges. Option 2


  • lemon acid;

  • kilogram of squash;

  • three large oranges;

  • sugar is a kilogram.

Cooking method

1. Wash and wipe the zucchini with a towel. Grind the vegetable on a coarse grater. We shift into enameled dishes.

2. We fall asleep with sugar and stand for four hours in the refrigerator.

3. Put the dishes with zucchini on a small fire, bring to a boil and set aside for four hours.

4. Oranges are poured with boiling water, wiped with a towel and cut into pieces. Twist through a meat grinder, add to jam. Mix. Boil the jam two more times, with an interval of four hours.

5. At the end of the last cooking, add citric acid at the tip of the knife, bring to a boil and pack it in a sterile glass container. Roll up tightly with lids, turn over and cover with a warm cloth. After cooling completely, store jam in the cellar.

Recipe 3. Zucchini jam with sliced ​​oranges and lemons


  • fresh young zucchini - a kilogram;

  • white sugar - a kilogram;

  • orange and lemon - 1 pc.

Cooking method

1. Wash the zucchini under running water, wipe them with a kitchen towel. Peel the vegetables from the vegetable cutter. Zucchini cut in half and remove the seeds. Crush into cubes, a thickness of about one and a half centimeters.

2. Wash the orange and lemon, wipe with a towel. Remove the zest with a very sharp knife. Gently cut the white peel and cut the flesh into slices or cubes.

3. Place the citrus vegetable in an enameled bowl of a suitable size. Pour sugar over everything and leave until sugar crystals dissolve completely.

4. Put the dishes on the fire, mix and bring the mixture to a boil. Cook for five minutes, remove the foam with a spoon and turn off the heat. Cool the jam completely. Put on the fire again and cook for the same amount of time.

5. Transfer the prepared jam into sterile jars and roll up hermetically. Cool under a blanket and store in the pantry.

Recipe 4. Zucchini jam with orange and pineapple juice


  • zucchini - one and a half kilograms;

  • canned pineapples - a small jar;

  • sugar - 1 kg 200 g;

  • citric acid - 3 g;

  • one large orange.

Cooking method

1. My zucchini under the tap and wipe with a kitchen towel. Vegetable slicer remove a thin peel. Cut the vegetables in half and remove the seeds with fibers. Zucchini cut into small pieces.

2. Dip the orange with boiling water, dry it and remove the zest with a sharp knife. Cut off the white peel and remove the seeds. Finely chop the pulp.

3. Open the jar with pineapples. Drain the syrup into a saucepan, pour sugar into it and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until it is completely dissolved.

4. Zucchini put in a suitable dish, add chopped oranges to them. Fill everything with hot syrup and put citric acid. Mix and leave for an hour.

5. Pineapple from a jar, cut into cubes and spread in a zucchini-citrus mixture. We put the dishes on the fire and bring to a boil. Turn off the fire and cool. Repeat the procedure until the zucchini becomes as transparent as pineapples.

6. The last time we put the dishes on the fire and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes. Pour the finished jam into clean, dry jars and seal it tightly. Turn it over and completely cool, wrapping it with a warm cloth.

Recipe 5. Zucchini jam with orange through a meat grinder


  • young zucchini - three kilograms;

  • white sugar - a kilogram;

  • oranges - one and a half kilograms;

  • two lemons.

Cooking method

1. We wash the squash under running water and wipe them with a kitchen towel. Cut the peel with a vegetable cutter. Cut the zucchini in half and select the fiber with the seeds. Grind the pulp of the vegetable on a medium grater.

2. Wash the lemon and orange and wipe. Cut the peel, disassemble the citrus fruits into slices and remove the seeds.

3. Place the slices of citrus in the blender bowl and interrupt until smooth.

4. We combine grated zucchini with citrus fruits in an enameled bowl, pour sugar and mix. We put the mixture on the stove and wait until it boils. Keep on the fire for another hour, periodically mixing and removing the foam.

5. Remove the jam from the stove and cool. Repeat the procedure again. We spread the finished treat in dry jars and tightly twist. Cover with a warm cloth and leave to cool completely. Store in a cellar or pantry.

Recipe 6. Zucchini jam with orange and dried apricots in a slow cooker


  • zucchini - a kilogram;

  • star anise star;

  • dried apricots - 100 g;

  • cinnamon stick;

  • lemon;

  • sugar - 3.5 cups;

  • two oranges.

Cooking method

1. We wash the squash under the stream of water, wipe them with a kitchen towel and cut the thin peel with a vegetable cutter.

2. Cut the vegetable into cubes and put it into the capacity of the multicooker. We fall asleep with sugar and leave for several hours.

3. Put dried apricots in a bowl and pour boiling water. After half an hour, drain the infusion, and dry the dried fruits, put in a blender bowl and kill in the pulp.

4. Lemons and oranges, put in a colander and pour over boiling water. We wipe and remove the zest with a sharp knife. Cut the white skin. Finely chop the pulp, removing the seeds.

5. Add chopped dried apricots and citrus fruits to zucchini. Mix and let the mixture brew. Put the star anise and a stick of cinnamon in a container. We lower the lid and activate the quenching mode for two hours.

6. We spread the hot jam on the banks, tightly roll up, wrap it with a blanket and completely cool.

Recipe 7. Zucchini jam with orange juice, raisins and sour apples


  • white sugar - 1 kg 125 g;

  • young zucchini - one and a half kilograms;

  • raisins - a glass;

  • apples - a kilogram;

  • orange juice - half a cup.

Cooking method

1. Wash the zucchini with a towel and remove the peel. We clean the seeds and fibers. Finely chop the flesh.

2. We clean the apples and remove the core. Shred in small pieces.

3. Pour zucchini into a suitable dish, add apples, pour freshly squeezed orange juice and fill everything with sugar. Leave the mixture overnight.

4. Pour boiling water over raisins and soak until the next morning. Then we drain the infusion, and add the dried fruits to the squash mixture. Mix.

5. Put the dishes on medium heat and cook, periodically removing the foam, 45 minutes. At the end of cooking, mix more often, as the mass begins to thicken.

6. Remove the jam from the fire and spread it hot on sterile jars. Cool and store in the cellar.

Zucchini jam with oranges - tips and tricks

  • You can diversify the recipes by adding berries, pineapples, melon, kiwi and various citrus fruits to it.

  • If you add sweet fruits to the jam, you can reduce the amount of sugar.

  • Wash all vegetables, fruits, and citrus fruits thoroughly before chopping.

  • For even more flavor, add mint to the jam.

  • If you make jam slices, you can don’t cut the peel.

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