How to clean braces and how often they need to be cleaned. Features and rules for the care of the bracket system

Braces - salvation for people with malocclusion and other defects in the dentition.

Pleasure is relatively cheap, and the bracket system is quite fragile.

Therefore, it is important for patients who want to find a Hollywood smile with it to know how to clean braces and adhere to simple rules for care.


It should be remembered that:

1. After installing the bracket system, special attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the oral cavity. Particles of food are clogged under braces and can cause tooth decay or gum disease. To eliminate these problems, you may need to remove the entire structure.

Tip: A patient with braces is recommended to brush their teeth after each meal.

2. To facilitate the cleaning procedure, you should purchase a special brush for braces - its head is smaller than a conventional one and easily penetrates into the gaps between the elements of the system, allowing you to remove jammed food residues.

3. If there is not enough time for cleaning, a special rinse aid will help out - it is easy to find in any pharmacy. Such a tool disinfects the oral cavity and provides fresh breath. In extreme cases, you can get out of the situation by rinsing your mouth with warm water.

4. When choosing toothpaste, you should give preference to those that contain fluoride - it helps to strengthen enamel and reduces the likelihood of caries.

How to clean braces: procedure

• Place the brush at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface of the teeth, brush with light circular movements, not pressing the arc hard, so as not to damage the structure.

• It is convenient and effective to use two brushes during cleaning - a regular one and a special one. The first surface is cleaned teeth, not occupied by braces - back and chewing. The second is to thoroughly and accurately brush your teeth under the arc and the system itself. For the same purpose, you can use brushes.

• A special superfloss thread or irrigator will help remove food debris from the interdental spaces. The latter is a device that cleans the gaps with a small stream of water under pressure. An irrigator is not cheap, but it is not necessary to purchase it at all - it will only make cleaning more comfortable.

• You need to approach the brushing of teeth while wearing the bracket system responsibly and devote at least ten minutes to this procedure if possible.

Important: a patient with braces should refuse ultrasound toothbrushes for a while - they adversely affect the glue with which braces are attached to the teeth and can provoke a breakdown of the system.


After installing the bracket system, some power restrictions must be observed - otherwise the fragile structure can be easily damaged. When eating, follow these rules:

• Exclude solid foods from the diet, such as crackers, bagels, hard cookies, nuts, candies - in other words, everything you need to bite. Under such pressure, the braces are glued instantly.

• Gnawing vegetables and fruits (for example, apples) is also categorically not recommended - they must be cut into small pieces before use.

• Do not abuse products such as toffee (and sweets in general), pastille, nougat, marshmallows - all this will close up the braces, and it will be quite difficult to clean the system.

• Too hot or cold products, and especially their combinations, are harmful not only for enamel - under the influence of temperature, the metal of the braces expands and narrows not by the same amount as the tooth. This causes the bracket to peel off.

• Chewing gum to detach from the structure is even more difficult than iris, so for some time it is better to forget about it, and for the sake of a pleasant smell from the mouth use a mouthwash.

General recommendations

• Avoid mechanical impact on the bracket system: if the child is wearing braces, make sure that he does not touch them with his hands or pull foreign objects into his mouth.

• A small tip on how to clean braces: a small convex mirror will help to see food particles stuck between the elements of the orthodontic design and remove them.

• Do not forget to visit the orthodontist on time - he monitors changes in the bite and periodically tightens the braces, which causes discomfort in the jaw and gums due to reconstructed teeth. During meals, discomfort intensifies, but quickly disappears. Usually the orthodontist appoints appointments with a frequency of 1-2 months.

• If one of the brackets comes off or the arc is damaged, you need to contact the orthodontist as soon as possible, without waiting for the date of reception.

Yes, braces are expensive and uncomfortable, but very effective. While wearing, you will have to face restrictions and minor troubles, but a beautiful smile will be a worthy reward for the money spent and the inconvenience.

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