The elegance of a Greek hairstyle for long hair is relevant now! How to create beauty - Greek hairstyle for long hair (photo)

Ah, these ancient goddesses! Their beauty, grace and elegance are described in ballads and works of ancient philosophers. Every year, more and more fans of the ancient Greek romantic style. Of course, it is convenient and attractive. Light draped furnishings, exquisite simplicity and convenience of hairstyles are reflected in our modern world.

Greek hairstyles for long hair have many options. Each of them is good in its own way.

We will consider simpler and more interesting ones, available for creating for ourselves and not requiring the help of a professional.

Greek hairstyle for long hair (photo) with a bandage

Perhaps the most famous hairstyle that we associate with ancient beauties can be considered one that is done using a special bandage-hoop. This universal dressing makes it possible to make a Greek hairstyle for long hair, spending very little time without any special skills and experience. Dressings can be varied. Sold everywhere. Their design is amazing. The main thing is to choose the one that suits your taste. The dressing can be made of artificial or natural hair braided into a braid. If you select it in the color of yours, then it will beautifully complement a simple hairstyle.

So, put on a bandage over your loose hair. They can first be curled on curlers, curling irons or left even. Owners of curls are easier, of course, if they do not decide that a Greek hairstyle for long hair is better to create from straight lines.

We distribute the hair into several strands. Each strand can be slightly combed. We lay them over the bandage, as if tossing it. Previously, you can wrap a strand in the palm of your hand if the hair is very long and naughty. We fix the strands with invisibility. Then varnish. Each stage is visible in the photo. If only the side strands are threaded into the armband, they are straightened beautifully, and the back is left most voluminous and loose, then the Greek hairstyle option will be slightly different, but no less interesting.

The scarf is an excellent solution for creating a Greek hairstyle for long hair (photo)

It is possible that there is no bandage or you did not have time to buy it. Do not despair. There is a very original solution. To create a hairstyle, we will resort to the help of a scarf. If it is colorful, then this is even more interesting.

We wind the scarf into a thin tube. Hair, closer to the edge, we fix the elastic in the tail. Throw a tail on a wrapped scarf. You can pin it with an invisible one, preferably along the scarf, so that it is more convenient to wrap it. Turn the hair to the roots as far as possible. We fix the scarf over the head with a knot.

We do a Greek hairstyle for long hair without a bandage (photo)

There are situations when there is no hand bandage or scarf at hand. How to create a beautiful Greek hairstyle for long hair and become divinely charming? There is a solution! Hairstyles of this style can be with loose hair.

Separate two strands on both sides. We will weave braids from each. Previously, you can comb the strands slightly. Braids should be light - not tight. We fix with elastic bands. The upper part of the hair is densely combed and styled, creating a volume for the hairstyle. We fix the fleece with invisibility on the back of the head. Then, on top of the invisibles we fix the braids. Close invisible places with a beautiful hairpin. Hairstyle is ready! She looks best on curled hair.

Create another simple Greek hairstyle for long hair (photo). It is very easy to do it, and the result is amazingly beautiful. Of course, the hairstyle will look more luxurious on clean and dried hair. Apply a styling product and be patient to curl each strand into a curling iron or curler. Straighten twisted strands lightly with your hands. Try to style each so that there is a careless effect of hair disheveled by the wind. We fix the hair, fixing it with invisible or hairpins. Create volume at the top of the head or at the back of the head. Release a few strands. You can add a hairstyle with flowers or any beautiful hairpin.

Weave braids - two options in a Greek hairstyle for long hair (photo)

Creating another luxurious option with braids for a Greek hairstyle for long hair is quite easy. This cute negligence after fixing the hairstyle, complemented by a beautiful hairpin, one or a pair of locks on the sides will give your image a special charm.

Divide the hair into three large strands (one in the back in the middle, two on the sides). Make pony tails from each using thin elastic bands in the color of your hair. From the received tails weave braids. It is possible, in the process of weaving, to release the opposite strands in the braid so that it turns out to be voluminous. We fix the braids from below with the same rubber bands. We wrap each braid around the elastic so that we get bundles of curls. We hide the excess sticking hair, fix it with hairpins and hair spray. One version of the Greek hairstyle for long hair with braids is ready!

In the second option, we also divide the hair into three strands, tie elastic bands. First, weave one thin braid in each tail. We fix it. The remaining hair in the tail is divided into two strands (the third is thin) and weave the braid again. Thus, we get three thin braids woven into thick ones. We tie them with elastic bands below. Now twist the braids around the gum at the base of the head. The ends that stick out are hidden and fixed with invisibles.

Greek hairstyle for long hair (photo) for the office can be unusually simple and very elegant. For example, loose hair. Divide the hair on both sides into large strands and fasten the back with an elastic band. If you braid a pair of braids on both sides of your loose hair, and braid the gum with one thin strand of hair, you get a gentle image of the Greek goddess. It would be nice to add a hoop to this hairstyle. For the office, it can be more restrained, and changing it to a more refined one can get an evening option.

Without using a hairband, you can make another hairstyle of antique style, acceptable for the office

We make a tail on the back of the head. The tail should not be tight. We figuratively divide the hair into one part near the elastic, grab the tail and lower it into the resulting distance between the two separated strands of hair, as if wrapping the elastic around the tail. Curl the tail until we reach the edge. Or we leave it more magnificent, fixing it below invisible. The image can be added with a thin bandage, a hoop or delicate beads, as a cocktail option.

As you dare to make sure, creating a Greek hairstyle from long hair is very simple. It takes a little patience and good mood, because looking at yourself in a mirror with such a hairstyle, positive is guaranteed for a long time, because you are a goddess!

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