Diet for ulcers - a detailed description and useful tips. Diet for ulcers - examples of recipes.

Diet for ulcers - description and general principles

Recently, it is widely believed that a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer can be easily treated with drugs that destroy the Helicobacter pylory bacterium. As scientists have discovered, this microorganism is one of the main causes of the spread of the disease in the body. However, the stomach and gastrointestinal tract will not recover so quickly, because medical nutrition has not lost its functions. Patients are still recommended a diet based on a diet for these diseases, especially if they have been severe for a long time.

In this case, the main damaging factor is hydrochloric acid; therefore, products stimulating the production of gastric juice should be excluded. Much attention should be paid to the consistency of food, preference is given to wiped products that are not able to damage the walls of the stomach. Dishes that can mechanically act on the mucous membrane are completely excluded, only non-irritating mucous and quickly processed foods remain on the menu. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of fiber-rich foods, coarse flour products, and coarse, connective meat tissue.

The complex of therapeutic measures and diet quickly help restore the function of the stomach. Eating 5-6 times a day is recommended - the so-called fractional diet, which is recognized as the most useful even for a healthy person. All food should be served in a slightly warm form, at room temperature. Too hot or cold foods can only do harm.

Diet for ulcers - what foods can be consumed

For a therapeutic diet, products that have the least effect on secretion are selected. The easiest way is to cook suitable dishes using cooking or steam treatment and grind in a blender (or in another way).

We choose yesterday’s white bread, biscuit cookies and dry biscuit from the flour products, the rest of the goodies and sweets will wait until better times. Well-cooked meat, fresh boiled fish, a variety of dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese), soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. Cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, semolina) as a part of liquid soft porridges or mashed soups, vegetable soups or puddings from root vegetables are also prepared. Vegetable and animal fats are not canceled; small amounts of sunflower, olive, and butter are added to many dishes.

Drinks: still mineral water, black and green tea (necessarily not strong), compotes from fresh or dried fruits, rosehip broth.

Diet for ulcers - which foods should not be consumed

We exclude and limit products that strongly stimulate secretion: alcoholic drinks, soda, especially with the use of preservatives and dyes, coffee, strong tea. Fried, spicy, pickled and smoked dishes can cause an exacerbation of the disease, so they are not just limited, but completely excluded. A canned food and too fatty foods can negatively affect a sick stomach. We limit the use of black bread and fresh hot white, fatty pastries with cream, fried pies. Advertised vegetable healthy salads in ungrated form will have to be left until complete recovery, as they are rich in crude fiber. You will also have to exclude ice cream, mutton fat and lard, salt, mushrooms. Alcoholic drinks simply do not notice - they can not be consumed until complete recovery.

Diet for ulcers - menu examples

If the patient does not feel pain, there is no nausea and burping, other symptoms of the disease are expressed implicitly, then you can use the following approximate diet for 2 days. You can increase or decrease portions as you feel.

First day
For breakfast, boil two soft-boiled eggs, a slice of yesterday's white bread and fruit jelly. Additional breakfast more intense, buckwheat porridge with white bread, unsweetened warm tea.
Lunch and afternoon snack: for the first okroshka, for the second we boil fish (100 grams) and serve with boiled potatoes, fruit compote and white bread. After 2-3 hours, a sandwich with butter and 100 g of yogurt, 1 peach.
Dinner: vegetable stew or stewed cabbage with boiled beef, fruit soufflé, a glass of milk, figs or other soft fruit.

Second day
First and second breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, fruit jelly, white bread. After 2 hours, rice porridge and beef patties, a serving of coffee with milk.
Lunch and afternoon snack: milk vermicelli or milk soup, mashed potatoes with a steam patty, sweet warm tea. After two or three hours, dried or steamed dried apricots soaked in water, a sandwich of white bread with butter and cheese, a glass of fruit jelly.

For dinner, rice porridge with steamed fish and white bread is served. For dessert, apricots and milk.

Menu for severe pain or after surgery

First day
First and second breakfasts: yogurt and a sandwich with butter, mineral water.
After 2 hours, two soft-boiled eggs, rice porridge - “Squash”, fruit puree, warm milk.
Lunch and afternoon snack: chicken soup with vegetables, boiled pasta, milk. Soaked dried apricots and applesauce. After 2-3 hours, the second dish is in the form of a steam cutlet and mashed potatoes, a rosehip broth, white bread and soft raisins.
Dinner: soft-boiled egg with boiled beef, chopped vegetable salad from boiled root vegetables, fruit jelly. Before going to bed, a glass of warm milk.

Second day
First and second breakfasts: a sandwich with butter, mineral water. Two hours later, steam omelet, semolina, sweet tea.
Lunch and afternoon snack: vegetable soup with beef meatballs, green peas, boiled jacket potatoes in their skins, tea. After 2-3 hours, oatmeal, milk and a slice of bread.
Dinner: vegetable puree with boiled fish (boneless), soft-boiled egg, milk, bread.

Diet for ulcers - useful tips and reviews

An improper lifestyle can provoke peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, in combination with stress, alcohol, cigarettes and improper diet. Often, mental shocks or nervous tension can lead to a lack of appetite, and hunger is lost. Be attentive to yourself if you have close relatives with peptic ulcers - this is a big risk factor. And if you already have a disease, following a diet you absolutely need to follow a diet.
For the treatment of ulcers, folk healers have always recommended drinking cabbage juice for a month. This is a very affordable medicine, do not neglect it. Also a wonderful remedy is a honey drink: a tablespoon of honey in a glass of boiled water. Drink several times a day, instead of water or tea.

Smoking with an ulcer

If you are a smoker with experience, and you have an ulcer - well, you can only sympathize. Whether you like it or not, you will have to part with this addiction, no matter how difficult it is to do. In this case, it is useless to look for excuses in the form of "calming nerves" or "elegant pose with a cigarette", pain can be tortured to such an extent that there is no choice.

Smoking in most cases contributes to the disease, creates the best conditions for its development. While stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, nicotine also affects the central nervous system, and, through it, the innovation of the stomach. Nicotine enters the lungs through smoke, and into the stomach through saliva, inflaming the mucous membrane. An ulcer cannot heal, and inflammation increases. Long-standing smokers are direct candidates for this disease, it has been found that mortality from peptic ulcer is 5 times higher, and 11-13% of smokers who have earned a stomach ulcer risk modifying it in the tumor. Tobacco smoke increases the secretion of mucous juice, and there is heartburn, which was probably experienced by every heavy smoker. The liver is activated to empty the stomach and a large amount of bile is released. Toxic substances along with bile penetrate into the duodenum 12, leaving there some untreated hazardous substances. Thus, with an ulcer, smoking is simply contraindicated.


Tatyana 05/19/2016
God forbid, take your advice and use the patient for dessert apricots with milk

Elena 03/22/2016
Diet Of course you need to stick. And do not abuse particularly harmful products. But, in the treatment of an existing disease, it is better to adhere to recommendations made specifically for you. After all, the attending physician knows better how much and what you should use.

Marina 03/22/2016
I, too, will soon have to go on this diet. Gastritis has already grown into a chronic, played out! I really like the sharp. I think we should now start to stick to a diet, and not wait when it will not be curable. Or at least regularly go on such a diet.

Zhanna 03/22/2016
My husband’s stomach ulcer did not open long ago. That is, she had already been there for a long time, but healed and did not bother. Now here again the pains, hospitals, etc. He practically did not adhere to a diet, and here is the result. Now I will prepare him only from the above recommendations.

Toffee 03/22/2016
Eating right is very difficult, the rhythm of life, work does not always allow you to eat only the necessary and permitted foods. Of course, you can stick to the sample menu, thoroughly on weekends, partially on weekdays. And some things need to be completely ruled out.

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