Prince Harry nude party arrested for fraud

According to English-language media on the border of the United States of America and Mexico, an American, Carrie Richert, was detained by police. Forty-year-old resident of San Diego is suspected of fraud.

The woman, according to law enforcement agencies, forged and signed fake checks. For this crime she faces from one year in prison.

Everyone was surprised by the statement by Rachet that she had previously attended a party at Prince Harry, whose participants all without hesitation “lit” in the naked form. Carrie also shared the intimate details that occurred at the time of their solitude with the prince.

Harry himself denies this fact. Moreover, he assures that he does not know this “devil” and has never had any bodily contact with her. However, journalists have irrefutable evidence of Harry's adventures - scandalous photographs in which the British prince passionately hugs a stranger. True, her identity has not been established with absolute certainty so far.

Despite the fact that the royal family did its best to discourage the press from publishing incriminating evidence, photographs were promptly put on public display in many sources, including electronic ones.

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