Actor Michael Kitton tries himself again in directing

Actor Michael Kitton will test himself for the second time as a director - he will work on filming a picture called "Flower" (in the original - "Buttercup").

In a drama with elements of comedy, we will talk about a young woman forced to look after her elderly father and pull him out of various scrapes in which he falls because of an addiction to alcohol. Flower - it is such a gentle treatment that the father uses when talking with his daughter.

Michael Kitton had to "sweat" pretty for the director's chair. Initially, no less talented personalities were considered as candidates - Sarah Polly and Nicky Caro.

The cast is currently being recruited. Alan Arkin and Jennifer Aniston wanted to approve the main roles, but the celebrities, after some deliberation, refused the offer.

Kitton's first directorial work is a painting called "The Merry Mister" (original - "The Merry Gentleman"), which was released in 2008. In addition, Michael played one of the main roles in the film.

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