On September 14 and 15, a fountain festival will be held in Peterhof

The State Reserve Museum, located near St. Petersburg - Peterhof, plans to allocate a "tidy" amount of fifty thousand dollars this year to decorate the fountain festival, which will be held on September 14 and September 15 in honor of the anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812.

This time, a magnificent panorama of a light-multimedia presentation with animated, pyrotechnic and sound effects will open to Peterhof visitors. At the final stage, a grandiose multi-colored firework is expected, which will be launched together with fountains.

Museum guests will be able to travel to the very turbulent events of 1812: military operations, the Battle of Borodino, a court ball, a fire in Moscow, etc., thanks to scenes prepared according to the plan of the organizers. They plan to “hook” the viewer with a staging of that time.

The performance will be attended by choreographic teams, a choir, an orchestra, as well as some historical clubs - there are a total of six hundred people.

To enjoy such a vivid performance, you must purchase a ticket, the price of which is 500 rubles, regardless of the social and age status of visitors.

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