High Fashion Week in New York is inspired by the Olympics

It happened! Finally, the next Mercedes-Benz haute couture week has opened on the catwalks of New York. Over eight days, famous couturiers and fashion houses, in the amount of more than 80 participants, will begin to be determined in the main trends of the spring-summer season of next year.

According to already established traditions, the Lincoln Center has become a fashion show center, but this does not prevent fashion shows from spreading to all venues in the metropolis. The famous houses of "Nicholas Kay" and "BBC" opened the week of the show, and the shows of the collections of Ralph Lauren and Kelvin Klein will close it.

Also, the creations of such famous designers as Nicole Miller, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan and Vera Wong will be presented to the court of the press and the discerning public. From Russia Katya Leonovich will show her collection. She has an extraordinary style called "Beautiful trash." In Katya's clothes, silk and chiffon are combined with pieces of fur, feathers, elements of aluminum or torn paper.

The collection of the famous actress Katie Holmes, who for the first time exposes her outfits at the Fashion Week, will not go unnoticed. Back in 2008, she launched a fashion line, collaborating with Gene Young (her own stylist). Now this duet will debut on New York catwalks.

Speaking about new trends, it should be noted that the spirit of the past London Olympic Games, called "relaxed chic" will prevail, although no one has canceled the fashion for elegant dresses. As Colleen Sherin, representing the Saks Fifth Avenue company, noted: “The Olympics made an indelible impression on many designers, therefore, I suppose that the podiums will be full of sports jackets and sweatpants.”

However, the "sports" clothing of the Olympics was sewn from cotton and spandex, while the models that will be presented at the fashion week are made of silk and leather. Fashion critics note that this once again proves not only practicality, but also the style of sports outfits.

Experts believe the spring-summer season of next year is even more departing from the minimalism that is characteristic of past seasons, but still the consequences of the economic crisis will still manifest themselves. As Sherin explained: “Customers have become more demanding. First of all, they appreciate the versatility and quality of clothing.”

The most relevant colors in the coming season will be black, blue and aquamarine. Black will only be fashionable in combination with red or any other color. It is expected that many leading designers will be presented models of black trousers, dresses and jackets.

Ken Downing, fashion director of Neumann Marcus chain stores selling luxury goods, noted a large number of lace collections: “This addition gives the outfits a touch of special femininity and romance. Women adore lace, and this was skillfully noticed by designers.”

New York Fashion Week is also famous for a series of social events. This year, not only Hollywood stars, but also Olympic champions are expected here. Among them will be: track and field athlete Sanya Richard-Ross, swimmer Ryan Lochte and gymnast Gebby Douglas.

The first day of shows will end with "New York Fashion Night." Doors of dozens of fashion boutiques and shops will be open to visitors until late at night. There will be small parties with good discounts on things you like and lots of nice gifts. Four years ago, Fashion Night was invented by Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the popular American magazine Vogue, to support the fashion industry during the difficult crisis period. This event has now become traditional and is taking place in all megacities of the world, including Moscow.

New York High Fashion Week will end on September 13th. Further fashion shows will be held in Paris, Milan and London.

The first New York Fashion Week took place back in 1943, during the Second World War. Now this event is held twice a year: the first in February, and the second in September. Each of them collects about 200 thousand visitors.

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