Australian scientists successfully implanted a bionic eye for a woman

Modern equipment is able to make life easier for people with disabilities. Today, thanks to the inventions of scientists, they can feel quite full-fledged people, although until recently it was considered impossible to restore lost sensory organs.

Groups of scientists from different countries have long been working on creating an optimal device that will allow people who have lost their sight to navigate independently in space and conduct a visual analysis of the environment. Specialists called this device the bionic eye.

Diana Ashworth, a 54-year-old Australian woman who lost her vision as a result of a serious illness, became the first patient - in the spring of this year she underwent a unique operation to implant a prototype of a bionic eye, which was designed and tested by Bionic Vision Australia.

Although the results are still far from ideal, Diana herself is incredibly glad that she can again distinguish between surrounding objects. The patient sincerely thanked the doctors for the miracle, the hope that the doctors gave her.

The principle of the artificial visual system is very complex. It is based on fixing a special receptor connected to the electrodes to the ear of the test person. The device recreates artificial electrical impulses that enter the brain region responsible for vision.

In addition, scientists have a constant relationship with the patient, so at any time they can correct or change the algorithm of the device in order to create the most comfortable image.

According to scientists, the vision restoration project needs to be finalized, so the next stage is being closely discussed - the development and implementation of the most advanced device in the field of ophthalmology, which will give a clear, complete image.

Watch the video: Australian Women Receives World's First Bionic Eye Implant (February 2020).