Pink: "Having a baby is the best thing that could happen."

When singer Pink arrived in Los Angeles 12 years ago, she was a completely different person, not like the one now. "I was dangerous. I was always aggressive, smug, ambitious, crazy and loved to enjoy life only." "And now we (with my husband) have no idea what we were doing all this time until our Willow was born. Having a baby is the best thing that could happen." "You hear people say that life with the birth of a baby changes very dramatically. But you can’t even understand how wonderful it is when you have a baby."

The singer gave birth to a little daughter last year. Now Willow is 15 months old. Her father is a professional motorcycle racer Carey Hart, with whom the singer has been married since 2006. “She has the appearance of a dad and the character of her mother. And she will rule the world,” Pink once said about her daughter.

Pink is currently working closely on his new sixth studio album, The Truth About Love, which is scheduled for release on September 18th. Despite the romantic name, this is not a collection of ballads and lullabies. Fans will find in it songs of a playful nature. As the singer says: "I'm still that nut and I'm still angry."

At the MTV Video Music Awards 2012, Pink sang her new song “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” from the upcoming album. The singer was presented as follows: “An artist who is about to go on stage inspired many artists to be faithful yourself, sing from the heart and be a person. "

By the way, tomorrow, September 8, Pink will celebrate his birthday. The singer will be 33 years old.

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