Active obese people can be healthier than thin

Typically, doctors with overweight people are at risk for the development of cardiovascular and cancer. However, this statement was completely refuted by scientists from the Spanish University of Granada, whose studies showed that completeness does not affect the state of health.

During the experiment, it was found that many overweight people have normal pressure, cholesterol and there are no prerequisites for the development of diabetes, that is, they have the same risk of premature death as the others.

Francisco Ortega, the author of the study, shared his impressions: "Obesity was considered the cause of many chronic diseases leading to premature wear of the body and soon death. We have experimentally found that in obese people the body protects itself from any metabolic complications."

The experiment, which lasted from 1979-2003, was attended by 43,265 full people. Those whose overweight was 46% were considered to be completely "metabolically" healthy. 38% of this group had a risk of premature death much lower than other "fat men" and people with normal weight.

“Our experiment is the first evidence that obese people are not at all threatened by their extra pounds. They are completely healthy and not exposed to previously established risks,” says Dr. Ortega.

It will not be out of place to note that the people studied regularly performed physical exercises. Scientists have now proposed to adjust the physical load to the percentage of fat mass in the patient in order to stimulate his body not even to lose weight, but more to metabolic health.

The author of the study made the following conclusions: "Doctors should first of all take care of the well-being of a person, because his thinness does not yet mean that he is healthy."

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