Katie Holmes: first release after divorce from Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes officially divorced on August 20 this year, although Katie filed for divorce back in June. The primary custody of their common daughter Suri was issued to her mother.

Katie spent all her post-divorce time with Suri, visiting gyms and playgrounds. Of course, under the watchful eyes of the paparazzi, who flooded the entire Internet with relevant photos. The actress was not seen at any social event.

Yesterday, Katie Holmes took part in the award of the best designers Style Awards 2012. The event was held in New York. The 33-year-old actress presented the Caroline Harera Award as the best designer of the year. During the event, the actress talked a lot and smiled.

Next week, during the New York Fashion Week, a fashion show will be held with the participation of the clothing line Holmes & Yang. It will be a debut for Holmes in the fashion world. According to a source in the New York Post: “It’s a big and important thing for Katie to show her“ brainchild ”under the scrutiny of fashion magazine editors and bright flashes of media photo lenses. They could organize everything as a small show and, in general, in another place. So, this proves once again that Katie and Jeanne take this matter seriously. "

In addition, Katie recently signed a lucrative contract with representatives of the cosmetics company Bobbi Brown. She was offered to become the first person of this brand. From the comments so far, both sides are being held.

For Cathy, this will not be a novelty. She has already collaborated with brands such as Ann Taylor, Miu Miu and J.Crew.

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