Side Slimming Exercises: Effective Stress at Home How to lose weight on the sides with a cardio simulator

Each girl strives for a perfect, slim, fit figure. Someone was bestowed with good data by nature, and someone needs to work hard to make a figure of their dreams. Often girls have to deal with problem areas: sagging belly, ears on hips, sides. Let's try to figure out how to get rid of the sides. And in this we will help exercises for weight loss at home.

Working on themselves, girls face various problems, more precisely, problem areas - hips, belly and sides are the most common problem areas. Below are examples of exercises for weight loss sides.

Concerning this topic, it is important to consider that it is locally impossible to lose weight. Therefore, in order to lose weight on the sides, you must follow the nutritional rules (exclude harmful products from the diet: flour, fatty, smoked, fried, sweet), exercise or just lead an active lifestyle. Only in the combination of "sports and proper nutrition" can achieve the desired results. At a minimum, in addition to exercises specifically on the sides, it is worth using cardio training - running, riding a bicycle or working on a cardio simulator. Exercises for the sides will help to tighten them, tone the muscles of the body, which will already visually improve the appearance.

Before performing any exercise, it is important to make sure that there are no contraindications and health problems.

Side Slimming Bar

The bar is an excellent exercise that is aimed not only at the sides, but also at the whole body,. Also, during the performance of this exercise, the muscles of the hands, back, buttocks and legs are involved. With this exercise, you won’t be able to pump up muscles, but it will be possible to tighten the sides and the whole body in general. There are several varieties of plank: basic, elbow, plank with raised leg, side plank. All of them differ from each other by the load during execution and the position of the hands / body.

How to properly perform the bar:

In order to fulfill the bar, you need a little space in the room and a rug. This exercise for losing weight at home is ideal, as additional equipment is not needed. In this exercise, the technique and the starting position are very important.

Initial position: the most important thing is a straight back, you need to try not to stoop and not bend in the lower back. The head is directed below - perpendicular to the spine, the gaze is directed to the floor. The arms are bent at the elbows, put your hands into a fist and form a triangle, with your hands, the elbows should be located perpendicular to the shoulder line, no further and no closer - this will provide the necessary stability. The legs are straight, do not bend at the knees, you need to stand on toes. Keep socks and heels together. Belly pull in. Breathe smoothly. When performing the exercise, it is very important to maintain tension - you can not allow the stomach to be relaxed and sagging, or the back to bend in the lower back. One should not forget about the legs - they should be kept straight during the whole exercise. The bar is a static exercise, therefore it requires maximum concentration.

Exercise Lead Time:

To begin with, it will be enough to stand in the bar for about 30 seconds, then gradually increase the time, thus reaching several minutes. We must not forget about stress - if it becomes easier and easier for you, then it is time to increase the duration of the bar.

Side curls for weight loss

Twisting is an exercise that targets the abdomen. Another exercise for losing weight at home. The muscles that are involved are the rectus and obliques, the muscles of the core. There are several types of twists, but we will consider the basic ones that will help you lose weight on the sides.

Base twists

To complete this exercise, we need a mat and free space. Starting position - lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, arms either behind the head or on the chest, if there are difficulties when performing the exercise - you can hold your hands in front of you to reduce the load. The position of the back is important when performing twisting: when lifting, it is necessary to slightly round the back to maximize the use of the abs muscles, and not the lower back.

It’s worth starting with small loads. It is enough to perform 3 sets of 5 reps, gradually increasing the load. But it is not necessary to chase a digit - you need to perform a maximum of 4 sets of 20 repetitions.


Swinging with legs is a great exercise that will help get rid of the sides. In addition, swings will help reduce the so-called “ears” on the hips, tighten the stomach and make slender legs.

There are several options for performing moves:

Mahi to the side

Mahi back

Mahi forward

The most effective for losing weight sideways will be swings to the side, but if you want not only to get rid of the sides, but also pump up the press and legs, then you can perform different types of swings in the complex.

Technique of performing swings to the side:

At first, difficulties may arise in performing this exercise - it can be either hard to raise a leg, or you can’t balance. These two problems are easily solved. You can hold on to the support with one hand and perform swings.

Initial position: one hand holds on to the support, the other can be on the belt, socks and heels together, the back is straight, the look is directed forward.

First, gently raise the leg to the side, pull the sock, make sure that the leg lifted strictly to the side, and not dodged forward or backward.

When swinging backward, the starting position is the same - toes and heels together, we keep the back straight, we don’t lower our heads. Gently take your foot back, trying not to tumble back, forward, or to the side.

The general requirement for mahs is to gradually learn to make them high-amplitude, this will increase the load on the muscles and improve the effect of losing weight. Five reps are enough for a start, if it's hard. Gradually increase the number of repetitions to 20-30 and start doing in several approaches.

Hoop as a way to lose weight on the sides

Another way to lose weight on the sides is a hoop. Today, there is a huge selection of hoops, which will allow you to pick up your inventory both afford and load.

Hoops are made of iron, plastic, with rubberized areas, with massage inserts. One of the best options is a hoop with massage inserts. It will help improve blood flow in problem areas, and thus you can get rid of them.

It is worth starting from a light plastic hoop, then switch to a light metal hoop and then to a special massage hoop. Exercise with a hoop should start with a short time, gradually increasing the duration of the lesson every day. It is important to emphasize that you can twist the hoop only if there are no problems with internal organs, in the back, as well as other contraindications, in any case, you should consult a doctor.


Last on the list, but by no means in terms of effectiveness, an exercise for losing weight on the sides is tilting.

You can perform different options for tilting: tilting to the sides, tilting back and forth. This exercise should be performed in several approaches, approximately 20-30 repetitions. All types of slopes can be done in combination for greater efficiency.

Technique of the exercise:

Regardless of the type of incline, the starting position is the same everywhere: we put our feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the belt, the back straight, the gaze directed forward. During the incline, do not tear off the foot from the floor, do not stoop, and perform the incline strictly in the necessary plane - if you incline to the side, you cannot fall forward or backward, if you incline back or forward, do not stoop and do not deviate to the side.

As already written earlier, it is impossible to lose weight locally, be it the sides, arms, back or legs. When a person loses weight, then the percentage of subcutaneous fat decreases throughout the body, and not only where the load is on the muscles. Nevertheless, the exercises described above, in addition to tightening the sides and toning the body, in conjunction with cardio workouts and proper nutrition will help to achieve the desired result - lose weight on the sides.

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