Russians support the law against smoking

The anti-tobacco bill promoted by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation finds understanding and support from the female part of society.

A wide opinion poll conducted by the Women's Opinion Internet portal showed that 65% of women approve of severe restrictions for smokers and tobacco producers. And even require even more stringent measures.

“Let them smoke, poison, if they want, but in special places ... it’s disgusting when people stand next to smoke, it makes you sick!” “To ban smoking at all! And the fine is 1 million rubles! ”“ If someone wants to poison himself, let him do it at home, closing all doors and windows! ”“ When I see a girl smoking on the street, I want to come up and hit her so that she swallows this cigarette! ”- These are just some of the quotes from the survey participants.

And who is against the law? Who these 35% do not agree with its adoption. Of course, these are primarily smokers declaring: “Yes, I smoke and smoke a lot. And I’m going to smoke, and I don’t give a damn about the laws! ”And also liberals traditionally claim that restricting smoking is a violation of human rights and freedoms.

And if smokers can be understood - they are slaves of their addiction and therefore will protect their weaknesses by any means. That liberals should think about the right of every person (mother, child) to a healthy life and about how those who breathe tobacco smoke trample on our faces at bus stops, stairwells and even in the cafe where we come with children to have lunch.

It is hoped that the bill supported by most Russians will not only be approved, but also effectively implemented in practice.

Watch the video: Russia considers ban on smoking in public places (February 2020).