Electronic cigarettes are also hazardous to health.

Succumbed to the influence of advertisers, many smokers are convinced that using electronic cigarettes, they protect their body from the dangers of nicotine.

Meanwhile, representatives of the University of Athens argue that such items do not harm the health of traditional cigarettes, since they greatly complicate breathing and damage the lungs.

Approximately the same conclusion was reached by representatives of the European Respiratory Association. Scientists are convinced that the effect of electronic cigarettes on the health status of smokers is too little studied to rest on their laurels and feel completely calm.

To date, the only sure way to get rid of the dangerous effects of nicotine is to completely stop smoking, only it guarantees a person normal lung function.

However, it is also necessary to ensure that you do not become a passive smoker, since such an effect of tobacco on the human body carries no less, and sometimes even greater danger than self-smoking.

Watch the video: Dangers of E-cigarettes: Mayo Clinic Radio (February 2020).