How to clean an acrylic bath so as not to damage the surface. How to clean an acrylic bathtub: care tips

Acrylic bathtubs are a healthy competitor to traditional bathtubs made of cast iron and steel.

They are much lighter in weight, which is convenient for installation, have excellent aesthetic and operational qualities, and retain water heat for a long time.

However, acrylic is a whimsical material, and therefore requires special care.

Why not clean an acrylic bathtub

Acrylic surface does not tolerate mechanical stress. From any product containing abrasive particles, scratches will appear on the surface of the snow-white bath.

If you treat acrylic with potent chemicals, you can spoil the acrylic base: the bath will become dull, ugly, rough. Some unsuitable products may burn through the acrylic layer.

The following substances can not be used to clean the surface of a bathtub from acrylic:

• ordinary washing powder, as small solid particles can easily scratch the bath;

• abrasive powders for cleaning kitchen surfaces;

• substances containing chlorine (the bathroom becomes cloudy). Secondary application of a chlorine-containing product will corrode the surface: it will become porous, rough;

• acetone solvents. With prolonged contact with them, acrylic will not just become cloudy: acetone will corrode the surface of the bath;

• cleaning and bleaching agents with ammonia. They act in the same way as acetone, although with less intensity;

• Formaldehyde-containing substances will also harm the acrylic surface.

Do not clean the bath with hard brushes. Sponges with a metal dusting are especially dangerous. Such in two ways will scratch the delicate acrylic surface.

How to clean an acrylic bath

There are certain rules for the operation of bathtubs made of acrylic. Proper care will help to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom for a long time and prevent the appearance of limescale, rust, cracks and scratches.

Regular product care is very important. After use, the surface of the bathroom should be washed with warm water and wiped dry with a soft woven cloth. A very ordinary household soap washes the bath very well, which you just need to soap the sponge. In extreme cases, you can dissolve a handful of washing powder and wash the bath with a foam solution.

It is important to know, that acrylic does not tolerate very high temperatures. If the house has its own water heating system, you need to monitor the temperature of the water jet. Boiling water will cause deformation of the bath. At the same time, sufficiently hot water will retain a pleasant sheen for a long time.

How to clean an acrylic bath? Soap or a special tool for washing such products should be carefully, without excessive zeal, applied to the acrylic surface with a sponge. Cleaning sprays are simply sprayed with a metering pump.

If the dirt is small, you can wash off the product after 5-7 minutes with a stream of hot water. In other cases, you will have to wait about twenty minutes, after which the product should be thoroughly washed off and the surface wiped dry.

Such a daily and very simple evening care will always keep the bath in perfect condition. If rust, yellow spots, water stone still appeared on the surface, you can fix the situation with the help of special household chemicals or home remedies.

How to clean an acrylic bathroom from rust and stains

To care for modern acrylic bathrooms, a lot of potent household chemicals have been created. They are quite expensive, and do not always give the desired result. In any case, having bought a new product, you must first try its properties on an inconspicuous surface area. This will avoid possible damage to the product if the composition is too aggressive.

How to clean an acrylic bath if there is no special purchase product? The ugly spots that appear on the surface of the bathtub are very cleanable with toothpaste. It is necessary to apply the composition to the surface to be treated, let the active substances work, then rinse off with a rag.

There are several ways to deal with rust stains with home remedies. Here are the most effective ones.

1. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of soda with soapy water (a teaspoon of soap in half a glass of water), apply to dirty places for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

2. If the stain is fresh and has not had time to acquire a poisonous-rusty shade, it can be quite simply wiped off with soda gruel. Do not scratch the surface of the bathtub with soda grains: first you need to mix soda with soda.

3. If the rust stain is old, you can try as a means to get rid of it, coarse grained salt. Salt must be very carefully applied to the rust, then moisten the hard side of the kitchen sponge with turpentine and rub the stain.

In any case, apply particles with sharp edges to the surface very carefully. Otherwise, instead of rust, you will have to deal with scratches.

How to clean an acrylic bathroom from limescale

A fairly common problem for acrylic bath owners is the formation of limescale. How to clean an acrylic bath to get rid of them? Food citric acid will help. Four packs of powder should be dissolved in a liter of water and poured into a prepared bath with hot water. Leave the solution to work overnight.

How to clean an acrylic bathtub with lots of lime stains? To restore the whiteness and shine of the sanitary ware, you can fill the thicket with hot water, pour a liter of table vinegar and leave the solution in the bath for the night. In the morning pour vinegar water, rinse the surface with warm water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

If no method worked, you will have to buy special liquid cleaning products for acrylic bathtubs. They necessarily have the appropriate marking.

The appearance of spots on an acrylic surface is easier to prevent than to deal with them. Therefore, having bought a beautiful, perfectly smooth, snow-white bath, you need to make daily five-minute care of it a good habit.

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