How to grow Rinda cabbage in a seedlingless way. Description of the variety, characteristics and characteristics of cultivation.

Cabbage dishes help diversify the diet with wholesome food, not only in summer but also in winter. Growing a vegetable is not difficult, just make a little effort and follow the advice of experienced gardeners. Today we will talk about a variety of white cabbage Rind. Description of Rinda cabbage: characteristics of the variety, its advantages and disadvantages Hybrid cabbage of Rinda type was bred in the Netherlands, but has been successfully cultivated in Russia since 1993.

How to care for lilies in the fall. Piggy bank of tips on how to prepare lilies for winter than to feed lilies in autumn

In household plots, lilies of different varieties and species are grown. All of them need special care and care, especially in the autumn period. Some summer residents persistently insist that the lily bulbs tolerate frost well and they do not need any preparation, but this is not so. If you want the flowerbed to be buried in flowers next summer, you need to adhere to some tips from experienced gardeners.

Why the sky is dreaming: clear and sunny, with clouds and rain. The main interpretations of different dream books - what is the dream of heaven

In a dream you can find yourself in any, even the most extraordinary place, to commit the most unusual acts. Be sure that this will happen in reality. Why is the sky dreaming? How to understand such a dream? What is the dream of heaven - the basic interpretation If in a dream you fly paper airplanes into the sky - you are very attached to your childhood emotions, feelings and experiences.

What is a pregnancy test for? The main interpretation of what a positive test with two strips a woman or a man dreams of

Dreams are sometimes joyful, but they can also portend rather non-standard events in human life. Every dream is unique. Why dream of a positive test with two stripes? Worth sorting out. What is the pregnancy test dream of? The main interpretation Many women, having seen a pregnancy test in a dream, begin to prepare themselves for this event and very prematurely.

Candied ginger is a universal “pill” for colds and a healthy treat. Simple recipes for making candied ginger

Ginger is an amazing product with an incredible mass of beneficial properties. It has been and remains the main healing plant used in oriental medicine and not only for its ability to: • strengthen immunity; • treat a cold; • regulate lipid metabolism and thereby reduce weight; • relieve constipation; • relieve intoxication of the body; • improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract; • slow down the aging process; • improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels; • increase stamina.

Cherry jelly: recipes for quick desserts, preparations for the winter. Technology for making cherry jelly with thickeners and without gelatin

Tastes differ. But many people consider cherry to be ideal for making jelly. To the best of sour, moderately sweet, with rich color and delicate pulp, the fruits of the cherry tree give the opportunity to quickly and without much hassle to create delicious desserts. Using different techniques and recipes, cherry jelly can be prepared immediately before use or harvested for future use, all winter.

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Daughters of Valery Meladze do not want to communicate with his sons from Janabaeva

Daughters of Valery Meladze very painfully perceived his departure from the family. Despite the fact that Inga, Sophia and Arina congratulated the singer on the birth of her second son, they refused to get acquainted with him. Meladze admitted that the rejection of the daughters of his second family is a very painful problem for him. He would like the girls to communicate with his sons from Albina Janabaeva.

Home lasagna - the right recipes. How to quickly and tasty cook lasagna at home.

Lasagna at home - general cooking principles Is it possible to eat pasta and not get better? "Myth!" - say most women who are watching the figure. But, nevertheless, Italians and Italians stubbornly argue that this is so, the main thing is that there are correct pasta. Italy is famous for pasta, pizza, lasagna and other goodies that are not cooked anywhere so tasty.

To prolong your life, help others, scientists advise

It has long been said more than once that it is better to give than to receive. But now scientists have confirmed that the nobility is not just a good quality. It is beneficial, and not only to those people, to whom it is directed, but also to those who show it. Moreover, this benefit is considered not so much from the point of view of human values, but rather from the point of view of health.

November 24, perhaps one of the most important days in the life of every person

The role of fathers in the education and promotion of future geniuses and celebrities is great, the history is full of such examples. The imperious parent of little Amadeus, who discovered the great Mozart to the world, or the father and son of Dumas are known to every person. But the role of the mother is most often modestly hushed up, as if the woman were assigned only the basic, basic functions - to take out the baby and ensure proper care for the baby.

Anastasia Volochkova got involved in a political scandal

Anastasia Volochkova admitted that she very much regrets that she got involved in a political conflict with Ukrainian journalists. According to the ballerina, her words were distorted and aimed at sowing enmity between Russian artists. Anastasia said that the concerts planned in Crimea were canceled due to her opinion about the situation in Ukraine.

Singer Nyusha told about her novels

Singer Nyusha - favorite gossip. She is regularly credited with novels with a variety of men, despite the fact that the girl regularly appears alone in various gatherings. Nyusha has long refrained from commenting on the novels attributed to her. Today, the singer decided to break the silence and said that she was not going to respond to any rumors.

Dicenter: planting and caring for an amazing flower (photo). The main diseases and pests dicentres - "broken heart"

Dicentra (double-spore) is an elegant and unusual plant, whose name is associated with the romantic legend of unrequited love. The flowers in its shape resemble a heart split in half, therefore it is popularly called a “broken heart” or “heart flower”. In Europe, the center is known as the "heart of Jeanette", "ladies 'medallion", "lady in the bathroom", "slippers of the Mother of God", "ladies' trousers."

How to lose weight in a week - the best diets and useful tips

How to lose weight in a week - general principles At the heart of all possible ways to lose weight is the same formula. You need to consume less energy than you can spend. This is the basis of healthy weight loss, no matter what the goals are: complex weight loss of 15-20 kilograms or just easy body shaping.